U-Tred anti-slip stair nosing application explains a lot

Our U-Tred anti-slip stair nosings were designed not only with safety in mind, but also to be easy to fit and install. It was ,we thought ,the perfect solution for steel grate steps, where mud build-up made these unsafe, or where these were rusting. On the latter application, the user was saved the cost and the hassle of removing the steps and re-installing new ones, or even having to rebuild staircases. And, we are happy … Continued

When the longest wearing anti-slip stair nosings are wasted

Are the longest wearing anti-slip stair nosings the longest lasting anti-slip nosings. Note that anti-slip stair treads get very dirty and clogged up as per the picture below. This renders any anti-slip grit used in the manufacturing of no consequence, pretty much mad useless by the clogged-up dirt. Hence, however hard or long wearing, whether it be anti-slip silica carbide, aluminium oxide, carborundum or other media, in the right environment the conventional stair nosings get … Continued

Some alternatives to making stairs safer – stair nosings and more

Accidents while using stairs are no laughing matter. And, considering that these happen from an altitude above your workplace, damage and injury can certainly be cause for concern. So, what to do about reducing accidents on stairs. First of all, we need to find out if the parent step requires total changeout. A good alternative is something like FRP Grating Step Treads. These are a great option in areas where there maybe excessive corroding issues … Continued

Anti-fatigue mats in Kitchens – Some pointers

Let’s face it, not all anti-fatigue kitchen floor mats are equal. There are many types of kitchen mats, so we look at what is available for this application. First of all, an important consideration is the presence of grease, animal or cooking fats, which can cause different problems when spilled. Forget anti-fatigue mats made from natural rubber. All natural rubber mats will start to fail from day 1 if used in an environment which could be … Continued

New AMCO boat mats to help the avid angler

For an avid angler, there’s no greater joy than casting a line and waiting to reel in the big one. And doing this from a boat, where you can move to where the fish are biting makes this past time even better. Now, standing for long periods on a boat deck can be difficult on even the toughest of anglers. The strain on the legs and on the lower back can be too much to … Continued

What are the Advantages of Rubber Floor Mats?

Rubber floor mats are becoming more and more popular in homes and commercial settings. And, there is a good reason for it. Rubber floorings have unique benefits and are especially valuable in a place which is prone to spills, heavy usage and where there is high wear and tear. Rubber flooring is considered to be a versatile covering option that is often overlooked. Many times people believe that rubber floor matting is expensive and difficult … Continued

Why does the anti-slip come off stair nosings?

If this has happened to your stair nosing, you know the consequences. You lose the safety features of anti-slip to start with or even worse. But, how does anti-slip come off stair nosings? Here are some thoughts to consider. This could have been inflicted with a sudden strong point of impact, causing the loss of the anti-slip. How? Well, it could have been caused by a falling hammer, large falling steel objects such as mining … Continued

Will shoes damage my standing desk mat?

This was put to us recently. Will shoes damage my standing desk mat? Legit question: and the real answer is – it depends. While sneakers, boots and other flat-based shoes are fine to be worn on anti-fatigue mats, shoes such as stilettos or dress shoes are not always a good choice. So: High heels are a definite no-no. Putting all the pressure of body weight onto such a small point will over time punch holes and … Continued

How to fix Anti-fatigue mats curling up on edges

Do you or your company use a lot of anti-fatigue mats? If so, chances are that somewhere along the line you have had the frustrating experience of your mats curling up or ‘bubbling’ along the edges. It’s more common than you may think.   Fact is, this problem, while very common is quite possibly the main reason hundreds of perfectly fine mats being being chucked out each year. Before tackling the problem of trying to … Continued

High end mats for hotels and restaurants, consider premium Orthodelux® anti fatigue range

A comment made by a customer about industrial looking anti-fatigue mats in a hotel setting, got me thinking. A high end hotel using anti fatigue mat that belongs on a factory floor just doesn’t work. Enter our new premium range of Orthodelux® mats and there’s your answer! Designed for use in medical and health applications—the toughest market to cater for—Orthodelux anti fatigue mats tick all boxes for any stand-up reception areas, the security person standing … Continued

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