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Anti-fatigue Floor Mats

Ergo Comfort - Anti Fatigue Floor MatThe Australian Matting Company, trading as Amco Industries – ABN 24 034 299 852 – are industry-leading anti-fatigue mat suppliers in New Zealand, Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Aimed at workplaces where reducing strain on feet, legs, and back is a priority, our new-generation ergonomic anti-fatigue mats help minimise long-term injury – giving you a healthier, happier workforce.

Here at Amco®, we Provide Solutions; we don’t sell products. Whatever your need, we can fulfil it with a specialised product, tailored entirely to fit your requirements.

Amco’s Anti-fatigue kitchen mats improve company production and performance. Amco® is no ordinary matshop. Neither are we your typical safety products company. We are not a company that offers your general, stock standard, products and tries to make them fit your requirements.

Need a specialised anti-fatigue/orthopaedic kitchen floor mats, orthomat for a winery cellar door, made to exact specification that won’t absorb any wine spillages? That’s no problem!

How about a TGA accredited ortho mat that can be used in a highly certified cleanroom or laboratory? Any time!

Amco supply exterior anti slip steel stair nosings, non-slip stair treads and anti-fatigue Kitchen mats to well-known companies like Barrick Gold, BHP, Coca Cola, Fonterra, Nestle, Ramsay Healthcare, Glencore, Rio Tinto throughout Australia and New Zealand along with strong smaller type companies.

Perhaps you have people slipping on an inclined walkway, and you’re located at a remote mine site in far north WA? Amco is here to help!

Our product range includes:


Industrial Rubber Floor Mats

Our rubber floor mats are suitable for a broad array of flooring applications, from industrial warehouses to commercial kitchen floors. The Orthomaster, for many well-known companies, combines comfort with excellent anti-fatigue properties in dry, wet and oily areas. Orthomaster’s premium orthopaedic properties qualify it for all Human Resource Injury Management Compliancy, and endorsements into industrial and manufacturing laboratories throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Anti-slip Stair Nosing

Enhance safety with our innovative, high-quality anti-slip stair nosing. The U-TRED is a robust anti-slip stair nosing that adds revolutionary anti-slip properties to a range of stairways, and is suitable for Mining, Construction and Food processing Industries. With no nuts, bolts or fasteners, the U-Tred stair nosing is quick and easy to install. Your steps will be upgraded to superior grip and higher visibility in less time and less fuss.

Commercial Kitchen Floor Mats

We provide the very best in anti-fatigue kitchen floor mats, catering to the needs of major food processing companies, hospital kitchens and pharmaceutical laboratories through NZ and AU. Our kitchen ortho mats come with a built-in antimicrobial treatment that effectively prevents or stops the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew. They feature unsurpassed anti-fatigue and anti-slip properties with exceptional foot support.

anti-fatigue mats for fishing

NEW Boat Mats – anti-fatigue mats for fishing

Our NEW AMCO® Boat mats will make fishing less fatiguing when standing for hours on a boat deck.


Orthodelux® Premium Mats

Arguably the toughest market to manufacture mats for would be the health and medical fields. The first requirement would, of course, be their appropriateness in combatting Cumulative Standing Trauma (CST)

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Orthomaster® Matting

Orthomaster® Matting

Signature anti-fatigue orthopedic kitchen floor mats with impressive resistance to all petroleum & vegetable fats.
Available for free 30 day evaluation on site.

Stair Nosing Range

U-TRED® – A brilliant new concept of installing anti slip,extra double grip and providing step definition with endorsed recommendation from all sectors of Heavy Industry.Exporting to all global destinations

What our customers say

These mats have definitely helped with engagement of our people and we have not had one negative word from any employee. Before these mats we had been told that all mats from the factory would have to go because of quality concerns. We now have a happy work force because of your mats.
– Safety Coordinator, Lionco

At Amco®, we are more than happy to fulfil any need, any time.

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