Standing for hours in a kitchen, workshop, or garage can take its toll on your feet, legs, and back, especially if the flooring is a hard material such as ceramic tile or concrete. A good solution is anti-fatigue floor matting – whether you’re in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Sydney. Many anti-fatigue floor mats are available; some are lighter and intended for the home environment, while some are designed for a more industrial setting. A well-designed anti-fatigue floor mat can lessen the stress on your body and reduce the risk of knee and back problems.

How are Anti-Fatigue Mats Different from Regular Floor Mats?

If all you need is a little light cushioning, a washable, carpeted comfort mat with a rubber back for safety may be suitable. Rubber and foam mats also provide cushioning and can be practical for light duty. Anti-fatigue mats, however, may either be designed for light or heavy duty and have properties which make them suitable for industrial use. Industrial-grade floor mats are typically at least 3/8” thick and have special properties that reduce foot stress.

Safety and Sanitation Considerations for Anti-Fatigue Mats in Your Perth, Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne Business

Any anti-fatigue floor mats for a Sydney or other Australian business must be washable, particularly if they are intended for kitchen or bathroom use. When choosing an anti-fatigue floor mat, think about where it will be used. In a workshop or other area where the mat can be hosed down, a grid pattern or pebbled surface comfort mat may be ideal – but this type of mat may be difficult to keep clean in a kitchen. Once a mat’s top layer peels or becomes cracked, the mat cannot be cleaned effectively and should be replaced.

With any anti-fatigue floor mats, in Brisbane businesses, for example, you should always read and follow the included safety and cleaning instructions. Also, choose a mat with tapered edges to avoid tripping. Keep in mind that those who are at high risk of falling, such as seniors, may have trouble with soft foam mats.

What Size Matting Do You Need?

You should measure the areas where you intend to use anti-fatigue floor matting in Melbourne or other businesses. Constantly stepping on and off of a mat is tiring, so the size should be chosen carefully to avoid this. In addition, standing with one foot on and one foot off of the mat can cause posture issues. Depending on the size and shape of the space, and whether or not the anti fatigue mat will be directly in front of a counter, you may need a square or rectangular mat or a long runner. Have the specific measurements available while shopping for mats for the best results.

Finding the Right Anti-Fatigue Mats in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth

Searching online is a great way to find anti-fatigue floor mats in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth; that suit your specifications. AMCO offers a wide range of matting solutions including floor matting, stair treading, and platform products. Look for anti-fatigue floor mats that are the right size for the designated space and have the right safety, cleaning, and comfort properties for the intended applications.

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