Australian Standards – Hardcopy Documentation – Stairs and Walkways – Access Platforms

Don’t miss your chance to get 30% OFF selected hardcopy Standards    National Construction Code Electrical General Building General Plumbing Fire Prevention Risk and Quality       Hardcopy documentation can very useful to have around, especially when you’re working remotely or have limited access to internet. Sai global have put together a selection of frequently used Standards in their 30% OFF sale. Stock up now to keep up with industry leaders. Offer ends 11:59pm … Continued

Create Great First Impressions with Attractive Commercial Door Mats

First impressions matter a lot. If it is the entrance of your office, it matters even more because that’s where your potential business clients, partners, and of course employees walk in. This is exactly why investing in the right office mats matters. Commercial entrance mats give your office the look of class which helps create a positive, lasting impression. Also, attractive mats can make your employees feel good about the place they work in. Entering … Continued

What stair nosing is right for me?

There many nosings options. The application, environment where these will be installed are only some of the many requirements one has to consider. Here, we give you a few thoughts to consider to help you choose the right nosing for your needs.


“Lost Productive time from common pain conditions among active workers costs an estimated $6.2B!” We refer to the aches and pains of long term standing as Cumulative Standing Trauma (CST) – excessive stress on the spine and back muscles due to stagnant body positions or poor distribution of body weight which may cause pain and injury. Standing for long periods of time on hard floor surfaces results in leg muscles to become static and constricted. … Continued

How to Survive Sitting in An Office All Day

If you aren’t doing a manual job it’s highly likely you are sat at a desk day in, day out. This sedentary lifestyle is bad for your health; however, there are little changes you can make to bring energy to your day. Here are some tips on how to survive sitting in an office all day.   Get out at lunchtime Pack your runners and go for a walk around the block. The fresh air … Continued

How anti-static mats can protect your computer

When it comes to keeping your computer safe from (ESD) an anti-static ortho mat is essential! This especially relates to organisations that rely heavily on their computers or are known to remove the casings of these computers regularly to update the hardware within. It’s at this stage, when the casing is off, that computer is at its most vulnerable. This is when it is extremely sensitive to the static electricity stored within the human body … Continued

How to care for you anti-fatigue mats

In order to preserve your workspace, you must maintain your anti-fatigue mat through regular cleaning and care. Without a well maintained anti-fatigue floor mat, it’s positive effects on your workspace will cease! You should be regularly sweeping and dry-mopping your anti-anti-fatigue mat to deal with exposure to small amounts of dirt and debris that occur on a daily basis. But if you need to clean your anti-fatigue mat more thoroughly, here are the steps you … Continued

What to Consider When Buying an Anti-Fatigue Mat

Did you know that one of the major causes of back, leg and foot pain in the workplace is the result of work that requires standing for long periods of time? This results in thousands of dollars in lost production time each year and is due to worker injury or fatigue from standing work, especially on hard surfaces. Anti-Fatigue mats are ergonomic mats that actually reduce stress and leg fatigue. Anti-fatigue mats come in a … Continued

Anti fatigue mats – Code of Practice

Fatigue is an acute, ongoing state of tiredness that leads to mental or physical exhaustion and prevents people from functioning within normal boundaries … it is a physical condition that can occur when a person’s physical or mental limits are reached Read more

Reduce Cleaning Costs – Install a Floor Mat

Installing a floor mat is without doubt one of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce your annual carpet cleaning costs and protect floor coverings. If you were asked the question “what is the best way to maintain your carpeted floors in a clean and healthy state?” it is likely that you believe that regular vacuuming and periodic cleaning is the key. But you may be surprised to know that the use of floor mats … Continued

Floor Mats – Frequently Asked Questions

We get numerous questions about our floor mat products, so to help save you time, we have provided answers for some of the most common questions we receive.   What is the best type of anti-slip matting to use in wet areas? We have a number of products best designed to suit a variety of wet areas.   The AquaMaster is the preferred choice for swimming pools, spas, saunas and change rooms. The unique inbuilt … Continued

Rubber Mats for Kitchens – 5 Safety Applications

Regardless of the location—whether it’s in your home or your place of work, if you cook then the kitchen is your domain. And while each and all locations have their own set of risks and hazards, no place is quite as full of them as the kitchen. An OrthoMaster Kitchen Floor Mat will provide texture and grip to help you and your staff keep surer footing when you’re moving around hot pots and pans. And the soft … Continued

Mats: More Than a Warm Welcome

Safety starts at ground level, but what’s on the floor can often be an area even the safety conscious forget to remember. By implementing matting into your safety strategy, you can bring health, safety and wellness benefits to your workplace.   Entrance and non-slip mats The very last thing you want is a staff member or visitor suffering a slip at your place of business. As we move into the winter months, we need to … Continued

Safe Work Australia – Study on work–related injury and disease

This PDF from Safe Work Australia talks about the impact of occupational injury, disease and death and focuses on taking preventive measures against work-related incidents A study has estimated that 75% of the total cost of work–related injury and disease was due to y indirect costs such as lost productivity, loss of income and quality of life while only 25% was due to the work-related injury or disease itself. Read more

3 Signs That Your Workplace Needs Anti-Slip Stair Nosing

While at first glance a worksite may appear to be safe and secure, especially if the correct safety equipment is installed and maintained according to the standards established by the state’s regulating body. While certain areas of your site are secure there is always room for improving site safety. High Visibility  Anti-Slip stair nosing for mines, marine, and heavy infrastructure has been proven to increase worker safety when traversing up or down stairs and provides … Continued

Safety measures for working while standing up.

This article talks about how working in a standing position for long periods of time can cause health hazards. It gives advice and tips on maintaining better postures inorder to avoid various health hazards over a period of time. It also touches on the areas of a better workstation design, job design and floor/standing surfaces to be enhanced with floor mats, anti fatigue mats etc. for better health. Read more

UTRED Anti Slip Stair Nosing

Injury sustained from falling from heights remains one of the biggest causes of on-site injury worldwide. While preventative measures such as guiderails, scaffolding, and harnesses help prevent injuries occurring they do not eliminate the risk completely. Understanding the risks involved in using stairways on site AMCO have perfected slip prevention products with the UTRED range of Anti-Slip steel Stair Nosing products. As industry-leaders in providing clients with new-generation floor matting and anti-slip stair nosing solutions, … Continued

Standing Desk Mats

Amco’s anti-fatigue standing desk mats are the ideal solution for transitioning to a standing desk and they integrate into your workstations seamlessly. A quality standing desk mat is made from either gel or foam. Some anti-fatigue standing desk mats are also laminated with alternating layers of gel and foam, and some of these come with an external covering to prevent the gel from oozing out. Amco have pioneered the innovation of producing a rubberised gel … Continued

Heavy Duty Entrance Mats for Schools

Did you know that you can add years of life to your floor coverings if you use a heavy duty entrance mat at your school? Amco’s heavy duty entrance mats perform better, further reducing dirt, dust, grit and moisture being tracked into the school or college by foot traffic. This reduces the need and therefore the cost of cleaning and preserves the finishing of the surrounding floor surfaces. Amco produce two varieties of heavy duty … Continued

What You Need to Know About Floor Mat Repairs

The Australian Matting Company (Amco) continually strives to implement unmatched innovations that ultimately deliver new service-driven product solutions that are effective and efficient. As an industry-leading supplier of impressive new generation anti-fatigue mats for all workplace and industrial environments, Amco recently announced their friendly and mutual acquisition of Floor Matting Repairs. Utilising the strengths of Amco, customers can now benefit from a full-range of matting repair services, products and solutions to help them maintain a … Continued

Anti Fatigue Mats for Hospitals

It’s relatively common knowledge that when you take risks, you’re inviting the possibility of injury and accidents to occur. And in medical environments, this couldn’t be closer to the truth. The reality is, avoidable risks in the workplace can and do result in accidents; and the consequences can cause quite an impact to your productivity, your employees – and this ultimately damages your bottom line. This article takes a look at anti-fatigue matting for perioperative … Continued

Australian Floor Matting Repairs Announces its Matting Repair Service Acquisition by Australian Matting Company

Lake Cargelligo, Australia – 28 July 2015 – Australian Floor Matting Repairs has announced today that its machinery been acquired by Australian Matting Company in a friendly and mutual agreement. Australian Matting Company is an international manufacturer and supplier of specialist anti fatigue and anti-slip matting. Australian Floor Matting Repairs is an Australian-headquartered repairer of launderable door mats, floor mats and static rubber mats used in the hire industry, serving a broad customer base. Founded … Continued

Preventing Joint and Soft Tissue Damage with Anti-Fatigue Mats

Joint and soft tissue damage is commonplace for those with arthritis – but it can strike at any time for those who don’t suffer from it as well. This signifies the importance of wearing supportive shoes or sandals in your workplace environment, in conjunction with anti-fatigue mats. And, when you’re working without shoes, this makes the potential for join and soft tissue damage even more apparent.   Anti-fatigue matting is one of the best methods … Continued

Eliminating Slips and Trips in the Workplace

Resulting in many thousands of sudden injures each and every year; slips and trips are one of the most common ways to get injured while at work. Injuries sustained in this manner often include broken or fractured limbs, dislocations, cuts, bruises and even serious head injuries. A slip generally occurs when a person loses their footing and falls down. Mostly this can be avoided by installing Gripmaster anti slip steel stair nosings and or anti-slip … Continued

5 Questions to Ask When Selecting the Ideal Door Mat

Door Mat

It’s quite common for most of us to overlook what is beneath our feet. It’s even more common to forget how important entrance door mats can be. Not only do they prevent slippages from occurring, they also collect dirt and other foreign materials, preventing them for venturing further inside, and slashing the price of your monthly cleaning costs. When it comes to cleanliness and safety, you should never overlook the importance of the entrance door … Continued

Reducing Pain and Stress with Anti-Fatigue Matting

Anti Fatique Mats

When it comes to working out what the benefits of anti-fatigue mats are, facility managers are well-aware. Whether they’re to be used in schools, offices or industrial locations, anti-fatigue mats can be used to not only prevent accidents such as slips and falls from occurring, but also for reducing stress and pain in lower limbs, this being that you are not concentrating 100% on given task, which increases the risk of safety to individuals. Nevertheless, … Continued

Orthomaster® #1

Exceptional breakthrough in Ergonomic Comfort combined with Unsurpassed Anti-fatigue Properties for Standing Work Stations, currently used in all Industry.

Preventing Falls with Restaurant Floor Mats

Restaurant safety is an important part of running a business in this industry. It might not be so obvious, but quite a large number of accidents occur due to slippery surfaces in the restaurant than you might expect. Whether it’s a worker in a commercial kitchen, or a guest dining at your restaurant, slippery floors can be detrimental and hazardous. Luckily, restaurant floor mats assist in the prevention of slipping, ensuring your workers remain safe, … Continued

Orthomaster® #1

Orthopaedic Breakthrough in Ergonomic Comfort, combined with Unsurpassed Anti-fatigue Properties. Supported with a TGA Certificate and Class 1 Medical Award, has endorsed its Entry into Hospital Theatres and Laboratories throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Anti Slip Products for the Mining Industry

If you’re currently operating in the mining industry, you’re probably well-aware of the importance of safety equipment – and especially slip prevention. Fortunately, there’s a variety of anti-slip products available, such as: anti-fatigue mats, nosings, cleats and steel stair treads. These products are all ideal for slip prevention within industrial workplaces, in particular the mining industry. About Anti Slip Cleats Open grid steps can often become quite a safety hazard. They’re the sort of thing … Continued

Mat Trolleys

Mat Trolleys are an esential cog in your cleaning program, in order to ensure that the mats retain their lay-flat composure and allow premium foot support Amco offers two mats, the Deluxe and the Premium The Deluxe Mats dry hanging straight up and down while drying ensuring lay-flat profile Resolves manual handling issues associated with stress on back and legs with easy push design Stainless steel construction Wheels can be locked for easy steering Holds 12 … Continued

Gladstone Ports

Excellence. Something Amco Achieves and Gladstone Ports Corporation identifies as one of their key values. Here is how they define it. “EXCELLENCE: We continually strive for excellence in all that we do and constructively challenge for a better way. We are open to learning and appreciate that shared knowledge and innovation are essential to our growth” Note the keyword, Innovation, in the context of how they are keeping people safe. Amco had the opportunity to … Continued


        It’s a well know fact that Bennelong is indeed one of the most iconic Australian Restaurants, and any serious diner should indeed have this venue well up on the priority list. It’s here, at the epitome of Sydneys fine-dining culture, where the friendly staff are enjoying the benefits of Australia’s most well-loved Anti-Fatigue mats. Indeed, the Orthomaster orthopedic mat is once again supporting the hospitality sector from the ground up, offering those … Continued


cellar door anti fatigue mat – Seppeltsfield Winery

Next time you visit the Barossa Valley in South Australia, or if you happen to find yourself in Adelaide, be sure to drop in at Seppeltsfield. While you’re there, try a drop of their fantastic Para Port, and if you can, step in behind those new circular tasting booths they have and try out some of their new anti-fatigue matting. You’ll be amazed at how great the Port is, (it’s the best) and how comfy … Continued

Risk and Prevention of Falls in the Work Place

This PDF guide raises important questions concerning problems associated with work place injuries. It provides a strategic template that allows you to know what to do should anything preventable occur. Starting with defining the problem, it then goes on to ask you what the solutions can be, and how further prevention methods can be utilised in the future. Read more

How to Fix Hazards in Your Work Place

From floors and ground surfaces – to steps, stairs and ladders; this resource provides information about how to fix particular areas of potential hazard. This is the ultimate guide to study if you find yourself faced with numerous hazards but are unsure how to fix them. For example, ramps can be installed in place of stairs to minimise the potential of injury. Read more

Best Practices for Slip Prevention at Work

This guide shows you an example of how an organisation – in this case Swinburne University – can go about putting safe work practices into full effect. It focuses on tripping and slipping, and informs both staff and students how they can avoid any accidents or injuries should they occur. The guide provides great detail in the area of slip prevention, and informs you of some of the most common types injuries caused by slipping. … Continued

Checklist for the Prevention of Falls, Trips and Slips

Use this comprehensive checklist to help determine the likelihood of falls, trips or slips at your workplace. It examines each area from common hazards and ramps, to walkways and stairs. Published by Work Safe Victoria, you can print out this checklist and put control of workplace safety into your hands. Read more

How to Prevent Fatigue in the Workplace

It’s quite clear that when an employee is feeling fatigued, they are more likely to incur injury over someone who is not. Added to this, fatigue can also affect their productivity and the quality of their work. This guide shows you what contributes to fatigue – such as mental and physical stress – and how it can be best avoided in the workplace. Read more

You Can Work Standing Up

This article makes note of the fact that standing up is just as natural as sitting down to work. The only problem, however, is that standing for long periods of time can cause pain and soreness in the feet and legs. More importantly, there’s no ideal position for working – even sitting down at the computer desk can produce pain the neck and shoulders. Read more