Food grade and anti-slip, anti-fatigue mats used in food manufacturing

Talking with a colleague recently, we came to the topic of ‘food-grade’. In the food manufacturing industry, the term food grade is normally used to distinguish products which may come into direct contact with the material that is processed in the manufacture and packaging of food items. This is specially important for things like paint, machine oils and even things like ladles and stirrers. Food that comes into contact with paint used in a processing … Continued

A good rap from BHP Billiton reminds us of U-Tred’s benefits

We’ve always pushed the line that a great advantage of our U-Tred anti-slip stair nosing is the ease of installation. A recent issue (13 January, 2017) of Nickel West Kwinana from BHP Billiton attests to this benefit and is a good reminder that simple things do count even in business. Compared to other anti-slip solutions for open grid type steps, which are common in mining, construction and agricultural industries, U-Tred is installed in seconds. The … Continued

Another benefit of our AMCO boat mats

We introduced our AMCO Boat Mats not too long ago and targetted these at the avid angler. After all, the fun of fishing can be outweighed when at the end of the day, a sore back, sore knees and feet all add to unncessary pain. And, the thought that comes to mind is was it really worth it? Before you answer, “of course, it was!” let’s just remind you dear reader that this doesn’t necessarily … Continued

Anti-slip mats, peanuts and our new character, Slip

We take safety seriously at Australian Matting Company (AMCO) and I’m sure you, dear reader, do too. However, sometimes, a little lightheartedness can tone down the humdrum of too much serious thinking. Hence, we take this opportunity to introduce our new (cartoon) character, ‘Slip’. A bit of a knockabout bloke, Slip is a hardworker, who sometimes may not always be on the ball. Not because of he is uncaring at work, but because he’s just … Continued

Versatile office and entrance mat – Décor Plush #512

Strictly speaking this mat is not new. We’ve been marketing the Décor Plush for sometime now. But, this is the first time we’ve added this mat into our website. So, here it is folks, for your information. We say that this mat is versatile, because not only can this be used as an entrance mat but also can be used as a great alternative to vinyl office chair mats. As an entrance mat, Décor Plush … Continued

How to maximise savings in Coal Prep Plants with worker safety and Non Slip Treads

A recent order from a mining company for more U-Tred anti-slip stairnosings got me thinking. Where were these U-Treds going to be used, I wondered? I checked with the customer and was not surprised to find out that they were used in a coal preparation plant. A coal preparation plant (CPP) — also called a coal handling and preparation plant (CHPP), coal handling plant, prep plant, tipple or wash plant is a facility that washes … Continued

U-Tred anti-slip stair nosing application explains a lot

Our U-Tred anti-slip stair nosings were designed not only with safety in mind, but also to be easy to fit and install. It was ,we thought ,the perfect solution for steel grate steps, where mud build-up made these unsafe, or where these were rusting. On the latter application, the user saved the cost and the hassle of removing the steps and re-installing new ones, or even having to rebuild staircases. Looking for Proof of the … Continued

When the longest wearing anti-slip stair nosings are wasted

Are the longest wearing anti-slip stair nosings the longest lasting anti-slip nosings. Note that anti-slip stair treads get very dirty and clogged up as per the picture below. This renders any anti-slip grit used in the manufacturing of no consequence, pretty much mad useless by the clogged-up dirt. Hence, however hard or long wearing, whether it be anti-slip silica carbide, aluminium oxide, carborundum or other media, in the right environment the conventional stair nosings get … Continued

Some alternatives to making stairs safer – stair nosings and more

Accidents while using stairs are no laughing matter. And, considering that these happen from an altitude above your workplace, damage and injury can certainly be cause for concern. So, what to do about reducing accidents on stairs. First of all, we need to find out if the parent step requires total changeout. A good alternative is something like FRP Grating Step Treads. These are a great option in areas where there maybe excessive corroding issues … Continued

Anti-fatigue mats in Kitchens – Some pointers

Let’s face it, not all anti-fatigue kitchen floor mats are equal. There are many types of kitchen mats, so we look at what is available for this application. First of all, an important consideration is the presence of grease, animal or cooking fats, which can cause different problems when spilled. Forget anti-fatigue mats made from natural rubber. All natural rubber mats will start to fail from day 1 if used in an environment which could be … Continued

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