Do positive bacteria swabs results & anti fatigue mats mix? – results in a mat trolley

The obvious cause is not always the real cause. In fact, sometimes, it is way off track. Recently in February 2018, at a leading food manufacturer’s factory floor, they were getting positive bacterial swabs from off the back of the rubber anti fatigue mats used on site. Imagine just how concerned they were with a potential health issue. So, the obvious thing was to blame the mat. We got involved when they were looking for … Continued

Green is the new yellow — Anti slip Green Stair Nosings!

One of the reasons we developed a Green Stair Nosings in the Gripmaster range is due to  enquiries on the phone from time to time, Coming from several customers in the mining industry. While the actual conversations we had are not available for posterity, we present what one of these could have been using our mates Slip and Mat. We want to highlight the thinking behind the enquiry, while explaining our developing a green coloured … Continued

Who said that anti slip Green Stair Nosing has to be yellow in colour?

Many years ago, on a trip to the USA, I noticed something I thought really weird. What was it? A firetruck. So, what’s weird about that? Well, it was not the truck as such, but the colour. A yellow green colour. It questions why a green stair nosing isnt on offer. So, out the window with the red we associate with firetrucks. BTW, here’s an interesting write-up on the use of that colour on firetrucks, … Continued

Anti slip stair nosing designed for open grid, steel grating, or grid mesh:U-Tred

In an earlier post, we wrote about our Gripmaster anti slip bull nosings and their use as safety treads. We noted their use on exterior stairs and ladders, which includes open grid steps. This type of flooring/stair tread in industry is pretty common, with the other favoured type being chequer plate. Open grid steps, also referred to as steel grating or grid mesh are particularly ideal where users find themselves walking in muddy areas or … Continued

Using Anti-Fatigue Mats in Commercial Kitchens

The food and beverage industry is one of the major industries with high rates of accidents from slips and falls. At restaurants, a few accidents may happen in the dining area; however, most accidents are the result of the fast-moving activities that take place in the kitchen. A common cause is the result of an oil and grease build-up on the floor due to cooking. Comfort and Safety Waiters, chefs and other kitchen staff experience aches and … Continued

Anti slip stair nosings, bull nosings, stair treads and more – what you need to know

A stair nosing is the protruding edge of a stair where the most foot traffic normally occurs. Stair nosings, especially in commercial and industrial settings, are typically fitted with a non-slip surface to increase traction and prevent injury from slips, trips, and falls. According to the National Safety Council, there are over one million stair-related accidents every year in the United States alone. So, we can see that installing and anti-slip stair nosing is a good method of … Continued

How to Choose the Best Anti-Fatigue Mats for Commercial and Industrial Use

Stress as we know it refers to the mental and physical response to demands made of either or both. These demands or stressors can be things like work, relationships, school, major life changes, or traumatic events or even more mundane things like exercise or even standing for long periods of time. Stress can affect your health. It is important to pay attention to how you deal with minor and major stress events so that you … Continued

Workplace Options – When Safety Yellow Paint doesn’t last

Driving down a long straight stretch of safety yellow paint in the middle of the road for about 20 minutes my thoughts came to the double yellow line on the road and how long it lasted. What would happen if there no linemarking on the road? And, why yellow? Why not another colour? This thinking is the start of this blog article. A look at the Wikipedia site noted that “in Australia, yellow road lines are used … Continued

Anti-Fatigue Mats – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Many people are in jobs that require a substantial amount of standing in the workplace. Other than the possibility of the repetitive nature of such work, which tends to tediousness, there is the effect of restricted movement that can result in fatigue, sore feet, pain in the lower back,ican also cause a decline in morale and productivity. However, the pain of standing for long hours at the workplace hasn’t gone unnoticed by industry watchers or … Continued

Anti-Fatigue Medical Floor Mats: How Healthcare Professionals Can Benefit

anti-fatigue medical floor mats

Recent research has discovered that participants who stood on their feet for 90 minute periods and were not useing medical floor mats experienced severe discomfort to the feet, legs, and backs. Those who exceeded 90 minutes were inclined to more chronic conditions like irreversible circulatory problems. Healthcare professionals who need to be on their feet for long periods of time at a continous stretch are in danger of health issues like sore muscles and body fatigue. … Continued

A new exciting product: Sweepex Grain Brooms

Sweepex brooms attach to forklifts easily

We started a new page Hot NEW Products a few months ago. And, today, we add a new product to the page: Sweepex Grain Brooms. First of all, I must admit, the product is not strictly speaking new to us. It is a product the business was founded on and have been selling since 1998 under the name of Workwell Equipment. This business Workwell Equipment then led us into the field of workplace safety and … Continued

How to cut noise on hard floors and keep the team happy

Offices now tend to be more open, with cubicles and the like, instead of separate offices with their own doors. Also, floors tend to now be wooden ones (maybe even wood laminates) or concrete and treated concrete, with exposed aggregate which are finished to smoothed out surface. And, this is usually sealed with a clear coating. While aesthetics may be enhanced with these floor treatments, one effect of these floors is the noise and worse, the echo … Continued

Mats in Food Processing – Help or Hindrance?

People often ask us for our thoughts on whether we recommend mats going into a food processing facility. We do, we highly recommend it, and not simply because we make mats. (Although, of course, there is a little bit of that as well.) People often hesitate at the cleaning requirements and the risk of contamination, but we firmly believe the real benefits far, far outweigh the possible risk. Imagine if you walked from Melbourne to Sydney, and cars weren’t around. But … Continued

Recently ordered Orthomaster anti fatigue kitchen mats for restaurant use

At AMCO, we pride ourselves of the quality of our anti fatigue kitchen mats. In the anti fatigue mat offering, Orthomaster is hard to beat. And, it is a mat that is used in many applications, including food preparation and hospitality. In August 2016, Ben, Executive Chef at Halcyon House, a boutique hotel located in northeastern NSW, sent in an enquiry in about our Orthomaster Mat for kitchen use: “I am interested to see how this … Continued

Swarf Mats in the workshop and PVC anti slip mats

If your workplace has lots of swarf and no swarf mats,  you will relate to the problems that this involves. And any workshop that is involved with removing material as part of their work process will encounter filings, shavings, turnings, chips and so on, better known as swarf. Recently one of our customers who is involved in the manufacturing of benchtops asked us to supply specialist swarf mats, as they were having a real problem with … Continued

What is the Shore hardness for rubber mats?

In this article we put up some questions and also give answers based on our knowledge and experience with mats. How to evaluate an anti-fatigue mat. Has it been optimised for softness, hardness or antislip? Each aspect has a different efffect when a mat is used to provide anti fatigue protection. Let’s fact it, a mat that is too soft can cause fatigue – maybe not too different from trying to stand on a pillow all day…makes … Continued

New Web Page

We’ve just added a new web page to our website:   Hot News: New Products   We introduce new products regularly and feel that we need to highlight this. So, instead of just adding new products pages, we’ve decided to have a page for these products easily accessible from the home page. You will note that the above heading is in the nagivation menu on the top of the home page. We are planning to … Continued

Industrial Anti Fatigue Floor Mats: Stand for Safety

At AMCO, we supply industrial rubber orthopedic floor matting and industrial anti fatigue floor mats to industries operating in Australia and New Zealand. Our customers include reputed brands like BHP, Coca-Cola, GlaxoSmithKline, Nestle, Parmalat and Rio Tinto – as well as by a host small to medium sized enterprises. These companies favour our industrial anti fatigue floor mats for their superior fatigue relieving value. They are all designed to reduce tiredness to the feet, knees, legs, and … Continued

7 Common Retail and Other Areas Where Anti Slip/Non Slip Mats are Needed

Reading through earlier posts, you can clearly be sure that non slip mats can significantly reduce the risk of slips and falls in retail areas and commercial work areas. We should always remember that any accident at work can directly affect productivity, as well as, pose the risk of an expensive legal liability. We also note that some anti fatigue mat provide high slip resistance, especially in areas where people spend a prolonged amount of … Continued

Non slip mats & anti slip mats used in food processing and hospitality industries

In this post we take another look at non slip mats & anti slip mats. Which mat is best suited for a certain work space or application? This post follows on last month’s article on the placement of non-slip mats around a healthcare or aged care facility. We have received a number of emails asking about similar guidance for  food processing plants, as well as in restaurants and hospitality industries, so, we have set out the … Continued

Looking at non slip mats, anti slip mats for safety in a work space

Anti Slip Tape

Use of non slip mats in Australia and New Zealand covers different industries, where non slip protection is required in a work space. What we should be aware of the use of the terms “non slip mats” and “anti slip mats” applied to a floor whether in a work space, in a hospital or restaurant or wherever can be a bit misleading. Why? No matter what one does to treat or cover a floor where … Continued

Revisiting the effects of light repetitive manual work standing on hard surfaces

In the late 1990s, a laboratory study was conducted by Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction (SMI) at Aalborg University of Denmark. The study focused on the physiological and biomechanical responses to prolonged light repetitive manual work standing on hard (aluminium casting) surfaces compared to soft ones. The later being a polyurethane standart mat). The subjects tested stood on the hard and soft surfaces for a period of two hours. 10 subjects were involved in the hard … Continued

Sanitising Boot wash mats – why the black marks on my floor?

Boot Wash Mats

Anyone who has worked in a production line or quality control line in the food processing industry will no doubt have come across one variety or another of sanitising boot wash mats (boot dip mats). Widely used throughout poultry processing facilities, in particular, these mats are used in helping reduce cross-contamination and removing pollutants from workers’ boots and footwear. Typically made from a heavy duty form of vulcanised rubber, they create a large dam that … Continued

Tips on How to Care for your custom Commercial Entry Mats

Commercial Entry Mats

AMCO (Australian Matting Company) offers you a range of custom commercial door mats to help you make that style statement, so important in the current competitive environment where a good opinion (impression) really counts. We have office mats and heavy duty entry mats you can use to capture sand and dust, mud and grimy snow, lawn clippings and leaves. Once you make your purchase of a commercial entry mat, it is important to care for your mat … Continued

Non slip mat for health and aged care industries-which is best?

Non Slip Mats

The Australian Matting Company has been working closely with the health and aged care industries since established in 1994. And, with that experience, we at Amco have developed a well suited range of non slip mats and hospital mats for Australia and New Zealand in one of the most demanding industries, health and aged care. Special considerations should be taken when working out what non slip mat should installed in a particular area of use. … Continued

Why throw out a perfectly good anti fatigue mat simply because of curled edges?

Anti Fatigue Mats

Funny, or really in this case, a bit sad, what we come across on visits to customer’s plants. We came across one who was throwing away perfectly good anti fatigue mats with curled edges. Placing a mat against a wall or other vertical surface where one side of the mat slides up that surface can cause the mat to remain curled. This is due to the mat’s memory, where it keeps the curled edge/s and this/these … Continued

What size commercial entrance doormats are best?

Commercial Entrance Doormats

In a previous post, we put up some suggestions as to the best custom commercial entry door mats for your needs. In this post, we give you some clues as to the best size commercial entrance mats and help clear up any confusion. From Corporate entrances which deserve Duratred Premium Entrance Mats and Premium Entrymaster Premier mats to Commercial Door Mats for Schools and Tafe’s, the choices and requirements vary. Little kids have a high potential to walk indoors … Continued

Clarifying industry terms: stair cappings, bull nosing, anti slip stair nosing and ladder caps

Let’s face it every industry, or even industry sector, has it particular jargon or even special buzzwords. Our industry is no exception. Let me take the opportunity of this blog to clarify some bull nosing and stair cappings terms in one sector of our industry. There are a few other terms used to describe exterior anti-slip stair nosing, some of which are not too common. These word descriptions are “Stair Capping” and “Bull Nosing”. Funnily … Continued

Which custom Commercial Door Mats or Entrance mats are Best?

Commercial Door Mats

It is is easy to dismiss the choice of an entrance or commercial door mats, as “hey, they’re all the same, anyway.” It important to note that Heavy Duty Commercial Door Matting, or door mats for this use are varied. On the main, these mats/matting are used for the retention of Sand and Dust Mud and Grime Snow Lawn Clippings & Leaves   Trying to sort out which custom  commercial entrance mats best serve your facility can … Continued

Fixing steel anti slip stair nosings correctly—good pointers

anti slip stair nosing

This blog post is based on recent observations of steel anti slip stair nosings at different workplaces that we at Australian Matting Company (AMCO) have recently visited ourselves. Rather than splitting these into different posts, we’ve decided to present them as another Q&A, with some handy hints thrown in between our characters Slip and Mat. So, the dialogue goes this way: Slip, who works at a food manufacturing plant, starts. “We did a rush job on this … Continued

How to Fix Broken Windows: Maxam window film

Broken Window

A broken window may be the last thing on your mind, but if you have a property, look after property, have job in property management where windows break for whatever reason, you may want to read further on how to fix broken windows fast. Australian Matting Company (AMCO) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of anti fatigue and anti slip mats and accessories. We also market ancillary products that are safety related, though these may … Continued

How Anti-Fatigue Welding Mats Reduce Fatigue

Anti Fatigue Welding Mats

Industrial environments where cutting, grinding, brazing, and welding are performed on a regular basis require floor protection from welding sparks which eat away at concrete floors and degrade the surface. Anti-Fatigue welding mats not only provide good ground coverage, but promote better health for workers as well with sore feet. These types of workplaces often require people to exert a lot of manual effort while standing for hours at a time, which leads to fatigue … Continued

Mat cleaning practices to help fight bacterial growth in food industry use

Deluxe Mat Trolley

Recently, I came across an interesting article from Industry Update. The title was Good manufacturing practices set the standard for food hygiene, by Laurence Marchini. Here’s the article, in part: It goes without saying that hygiene is of paramount importance in any food processing operation. The consequences of poor hygiene at any stage in the paddock to plate journey of foodstuffs can be catastrophic. But, fortunately, the global acceptance of the necessity for the highest … Continued

So, your anti-fatigue mat is slipping: a Q & A post

. About a month or so ago, we introduced you to our cartoon character, Slip. Nice guy, but could be bit clumsy, which isn’t good for a shift supervisor, who is also responsible for workplace safety. Well, we thought we might introduce his mate, Mat. A responsible and very knowledgeable person, especially when it comes to workplace safety and mats of many kinds and uses. We look at a serious topic and present this as … Continued

Food grade and anti-slip, anti-fatigue mats used in food manufacturing

Workease Anti Fatigue Mats

Talking with a colleague recently, we came to the topic of ‘food-grade’. In the food manufacturing industry, the term food grade is normally used to distinguish products which may come into direct contact with the material that is processed in the manufacture and packaging of food items. This is specially important for things like paint, machine oils and even things like ladles and stirrers. Food that comes into contact with paint used in a processing … Continued

A good rap from BHP Billiton reminds us of U-Tred’s anti slip stair nosing benefits

We’ve always pushed the line that a great advantage of our U-Tred anti slip stair nosing is the ease of installation. A recent issue (13 January, 2017) of Nickel West Kwinana from BHP Billiton attests to this benefit and is a good reminder that simple things do count even in business. Compared to other anti-slip solutions for open grid type steps, which are common in mining, construction and agricultural industries, U-Tred is installed in seconds. … Continued

Another benefit of our AMCO boat mats

Marine Boat Deck Carpet Padding

We introduced our AMCO Boat Mats not too long ago and targetted these at the avid angler. After all, the fun of fishing can be outweighed when at the end of the day, a sore back, sore knees and feet all add to unncessary pain. And, the thought that comes to mind is was it really worth it? Before you answer, “of course, it was!” let’s just remind you dear reader that this doesn’t necessarily … Continued

Anti slip mat, peanuts and our new character, Slip

Anti Slip safety Mat

We take Anti Slip Mat seriously at Australian Matting Company (AMCO) and I’m sure you, dear reader, do too. However, sometimes, a little lightheartedness can tone down the humdrum of too much serious thinking. Hence, we take this opportunity to introduce our new (cartoon) character, ‘Slip’. A bit of a knockabout bloke, Slip is a hardworker, who sometimes may not always be on the ball. Not because of he is uncaring at work, but because he’s … Continued

Versatile office – Entrance and Floor Protector Mat – Décor Plush #512

Entrance Mats

Strictly speaking this mat is not new. We’ve been marketing the Décor Plush  floor protector mat for sometime now. But, this is the first time we’ve added this mat into our website. So, here it is folks, for your information. We say that this mat is versatile, because not only can this be used as an entrance mat but also can be used as a great alternative to vinyl office chair mats. As an entrance … Continued

Duratred Premium # 518

Duratred Premium

Enjoy the expensive architectural look at a fraction of the price of Aluminium commercial door mats. Can be cut to any shape and size making this a quick no fuss mat for using in door wells or specially designed entrance or porch areas which incur heavy traffic. The spacing’s between the PVC ribs allows large debris, sand and snow to fall through preventing it from going further into your reception area and offices. The quality … Continued

How to maximise savings in Coal Prep Plants with worker safety and Non Slip Stair Treads

Anti Slip Stair Nosing

A recent order from a mining company for more U-Tred anti slip stair treads / stair nosings got me thinking. Where were these U-Treds going to be used, I wondered? I checked with the customer and was not surprised to find out that they were used in a coal preparation plant as a replacement for bull nosings A coal preparation plant (CPP) — also called a coal handling and preparation plant (CHPP), coal handling plant, … Continued

U-Tred anti-slip stair nosing application explains a lot

U Tred Anti Slip stair nosings

Our U-Tred anti-slip stair nosings were designed not only with safety in mind, but also to be easy to fit and install. It was ,we thought ,the perfect solution for steel grate steps, where mud build-up made these unsafe, or where these were rusting. On the latter application, the user saved the cost and the hassle of removing the non slip stair treads and re-installing new ones, or even having to rebuild staircases. Looking for … Continued

When the longest wearing anti-slip stair treads / nosings are wasted

FRP Grating

Are the longest wearing anti-slip stair nosings the longest lasting anti slip treads. Note that anti slip stair treads & Bull nosings get very dirty and clogged up as per the picture below. This renders any anti-slip grit used in the manufacturing of no consequence, pretty much mad useless by the clogged-up dirt. Hence, however hard or long wearing, whether it be anti-slip silica carbide, aluminium oxide, carborundum or other media, in the right environment … Continued

Some alternatives to making NON SLIP Stair Treads safer – stair nosings and more

U-Tred Stair Nosing

Accidents while not using non slip stair treads are no laughing matter. And, considering that these happen from an altitude above your workplace, damage and injury can certainly be cause for concern. So, what to do about reducing accidents on stairs. First of all, we need to find out if the parent step requires total changeout. A good alternative is something like FRP Grating Step Treads. These are a great option in areas where there maybe excessive … Continued

Anti-fatigue mats in Kitchens – Some pointers

Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mats

Let’s face it, not all anti-fatigue kitchen floor mats are equal. There are many types of kitchen mats, so we look at what is available for this application. First of all, an important consideration is the presence of grease, animal or cooking fats, which can cause different problems when spilled. Forget anti-fatigue mats made from natural rubber. All natural rubber mats will start to fail from day 1 if used in an environment which could be … Continued

Marine Boat Mats

Marine Boat Mats

While we may think of anti-fatigue mats mostly in a work-related environment, it is not difficult to place these in other environments including recreation. After all, long periods of standing on a hard surface do cause stress on the human body. That’s the legs, the spine (upper and lower back) affecting proper circulation. Any avid angler will tell you that when the hope of catching the big one in front of mind, standing for hours … Continued

New AMCO marine boat mats to help the avid angler

For an avid angler, there’s no greater joy than casting a line and waiting to reel in the big one. And doing this from a boat, where you can move to where the fish are biting makes this past time even better. Now, standing for long periods on a boat deck can be difficult on even the toughest of anglers. The strain on the legs and on the lower back can be too much to … Continued

What are the Advantages of Rubber Floor Mats?

Rubber Floor Mats

Rubber floor mats are becoming more and more popular in homes and commercial settings. And, there is a good reason for it. Rubber floorings have unique benefits and are especially valuable in a place which is prone to spills, heavy usage and where there is high wear and tear. Rubber flooring is considered to be a versatile covering option that is often overlooked. Many times people believe that rubber floor matting is expensive and difficult … Continued

Why does the anti-slip come off anti slip stair nosings & bull nosings

anti slip stair nosings

If this has happened to your anti slip stair nosings, you know the consequences. You lose the safety features of anti-slip to start with or even worse. But, how does anti-slip come off anti slip stair nosings & bull nosings ? Here are some thoughts to consider. This could have been inflicted with a sudden strong point of impact, causing the loss of the anti-slip. How? Well, it could have been caused by a falling … Continued

Will shoes damage my standing desk mat?

standing desk mat

This was put to us recently. Will shoes damage my standing desk mat? Legit question: and the real answer is – it depends. While sneakers, boots and other flat-based shoes are fine to be worn on anti-fatigue mats, shoes such as stilettos or dress shoes are not always a good choice. So: High heels are a definite no-no. Putting all the pressure of body weight onto such a small point will over time punch holes and … Continued