While at first glance a worksite may appear to be safe and secure, especially if the correct safety equipment is installed and maintained according to the standards established by the state’s regulating body. While certain areas of your site are secure there is always room for improving site safety. High Visibility  Anti-Slip stair nosing for mines, marine, and heavy infrastructure has been proven to increase worker safety when traversing up or down stairs and provides a stable and secure surface for workers to conduct operations on. Some key signs that AMCO UTRED Anti-Slip Nosing is required by your workplace include:


1. Worn Stairs

While steel grate stairs are solid and built to last, extended use can lead to the steps being worn down over time and the step edges being made slippery as a consequence. This can present a very real fall hazard for anyone traversing the stairs and can lead to serious injury. By easily installing high visibility anti-slip stair nosing on the lip of each step you will ensure that the worn stairs are given a second life instead of having to install a new set of stairs at great financial cost. Other names in reference to stair nosings in industry are Nose Strips, Step Grips, Nose Treads etc.


2. Wet, slippery environments

When working in environments where water or another such liquid is in use surfaces can become slippery almost instantly. Working in environments that use sandy materials are also included in this category as it can be just as easy to lose your footing with a misjudged step. By installing anti-slip stair nosing, mining companies can eliminate this hazard and prevent injuries from occurring on stairs.


3. Working from Heights

Anti-Slip Nosing is not restricted to installation on stairs alone. Thanks to its innovative design the UTRED product can easily be fitted into any structure that uses grating as a floor or base. Ramps and inclines comprised of grating such as those found in construction cranes can easily have anti-slip nosing installed, dramatically decreasing the likelihood of a slip when working from heights.


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