Reading through earlier posts, you can clearly be sure that non slip mats can significantly reduce the risk of slips and falls in retail areas and commercial work areas. We should always remember that any accident at work can directly affect productivity, as well as, pose the risk of an expensive legal liability.

We also note that some anti fatigue mat provide high slip resistance, especially in areas where people spend a prolonged amount of time standing and walking. Also, a high-quality anti slip mat provides superior traction and grip, improves moisture drainage and air circulation, and provides resistance to the walking surface when it is wet or coated with oil or greasy substances, further diminishing the slip hazard.

Thus, this affordable treatment of floors where slip is a safety issue is really an indispensable addition to any retail establishment. Here are seven common retail areas where using anti slip mats have become mandatory.

Non slip and anti fatigue mats used in a cafeteria
Cafeterias and food halls need anti slip protection which our non slip mats can provide.

Food courts and cafeterias: Food and beverages often end up on floors, posing a risk for both workers and customers. While it is easy to clean away the mess, having a non-slip floor will provide more safety for all patrons.

Kitchens: Kitchens probably experience the most exposure to spills as workers often spill grease, cooking oil, sauces, bits of veggies and fruits leaving the floor wet and slippery. Non slip mats can quickly make floors safe, especially during busy periods when there is no time to clean the problematic floor.

Bar areas like beverage fountains by their nature will encounter liquid spills which one has to protect from slips. Our Orthomaster mats are tops for this application.

Beverage fountains: Beverages such as soft drinks, coffees, and teas often lead to sticky and messy floors – a definite source of slips and falls. Even though, establishments are quick to clean away any mess; an anti-slip mat provides safety right at where you need. And, for that matter in bar areas, this is definitely the same problem.

Buffet counters: Buffet counters are perhaps the most common areas where people tend to get clumsy resulting in floors that end up dirty, soiled and wet. Adding Non slip mats can be the fastest way to keep the floors neat and tidy and keep the buffet line moving.

Boutiques: Boutique entrances are often subjected to continuous mess due to the exposure to various external elements such as weather conditions, dust and dirt, causing yet another issue of the unsafe surface. Non slip mats can quickly alleviate this issue and create a safe environment for everyone.

Laundromats: It’s common knowledge that laundry machines often experience malfunction causing water and detergents ending up on the floor surfaces. Laudromat users also drip liquid detergents, water from wet clothes and so on. These floors need something that can help with drainage and prevent falls due to a slippery floor. An anti-slip mat will work perfectly in such conditions.

Warehouses and workshops: Workers often work with detergents, liquid chemicals, machinery oil, and other hazardous substances that can easily spill on the floor. Adequately managing wet floors can dramatically reduce the chance of falling- even if it takes time to clear the spill.

We understand that it is of utmost importance for you to establish a safe working environment for everyone. At AMCO, we are proud to offer a range of anti slip mats and anti fatigue mats that absorb spills, overflows, and drips, and are also slip resistant for increased security under foot.

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