Tough to take it, rubber mats have many uses that range from domestic to industrial use.
Rubber mats have proven themselves for their toughness and longevity, as shown in this industrial application. AMCO has a wide range of rubber floor mats in stock.

Rubber floor mats are becoming more and more popular in homes and commercial settings. And, there is a good reason for it. Rubber floorings have unique benefits and are especially valuable in a place which is prone to spills, heavy usage and where there is high wear and tear. Rubber flooring is considered to be a versatile covering option that is often overlooked. Many times people believe that rubber floor matting is expensive and difficult to maintain – which is not true. Although it’s not the really what one would consider cheap, it does provide long term value if you follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule and ensure that you follow the cleaning instructions, as well.

Rubber inherently provides your flooring with durability, natural resiliency, as well as offer you a low maintenance solution for your floor matting needs. Due to this, rubber floorings have become an ideal solution for a number of applications such as office floorings, healthcare institutions, retail installations etc. and of course, industrial applications as shown in this photo.

Here are some of the advantages of rubber floor mats:

Resilient floor for comfort

Rubber matting provides you with a great surface for places where people may need to stand for long periods of time. It provides enough cushioning to help reduce fatigue and foot injury. It also does not produce static built up and is a great choice for restaurant kitchens and bar areas. The softer, slip resistant rubber provides enough comfort and ensures that the joints and bones are not impacted.


These mats once used are never discarded. They are completely recyclable and can be chopped into landscaping mulch, playground surfacing or used as rubber crumb for athletic fields and other applications. Using rubber mats for your flooring could be a green, environment friendly solution too.

Easy to maintain

Especially in places where longevity, slip resistance and resilience are important and comfort and safety are given top priority, rubber flooring is preferred over any other type of matting. These types of floor coverings are a good choice when it comes to commercial buildings, educational institutes and government facilities. Architects and interior designers simply love the exciting new patterns and vibrant colours that can be easily mixed and matched to create beautiful looking floors that appeal to all tastes. Facility managers also prefer rubber floorings to incorporate environment friendly features to their buildings.


Rubber floor mats or floorings add an element of safety to almost any situation that they are used in. They come in a variety of sizes and are specifically designed to perform according to the environment that they are used in. They are generally slip resistant and are quite safe. Anti-slip properties of these type of mats is one of their main features.

Other than this, these mats are sound absorbent, static resistant, water resistant and can bear the impact of heavy loads quite easily. They are hard to gouge scuff or scratch and hence have tremendous longevity. They can also take superficial cigarette burns and are resistant to most chemicals. Staining, mildew and mold are not a problem with rubber mats and hence they look great for years to come.

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