We introduced our AMCO Boat Mats not too long ago and targetted these at the avid angler. After all, the fun of fishing can be outweighed when at the end of the day, a sore back, sore knees and feet all add to unncessary pain. And, the thought that comes to mind is was it really worth it?

Pioneer Cape Island 186's casting deck shown with problematic cables.
Arrow points at the cables found in the casting deck. With fly line getting caught in the cables, there were other problems to consider in this case.

Before you answer, “of course, it was!” let’s just remind you dear reader that this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. After all, our boat mats are designed to take the stress out off standing for long periods. These anti-fatigue mats take the strain off your legs and lower back. And, not to mention the stress suffered by your spine.

Now, a recent order from a keen fly fisherman, Mark Porter from far North Queensland who contacted us with a predicament, “I’d like to stop my fly line from tangling with the front sounder cables, etc.” You will see in the photo below just what the cables looked like and just imagine the hassle these would have caused with hooks and lines on the casting deck.

After sending us the measurements of his Pioneer Cape Island 186, an American bay boat from Pioneer Boats, we shipped him a boat mat pre-cut to fit the casting deck. Note the picture below.

Shortly after receipt he installed the mat. So, now Mark couldn’t be happier at the look and feel of the deck. Not only are the cables covered, the deck is now easier to stand on.

After all, covering the deck with carpet would have probably been worse for him, as hooks definitely would get caught in the carpet fibres.

Installed boat mat now provides solution for fly line entanglement.
AMCO boat mat installed on the casting deck. Note how cables are now covered to prevent fly lines gettting tangled.

AMCO boat mats have been designed for use by anglers. Made of 16mm quality rubber compound, the mats have great compression stats and a good memory—returning to original shape after weight is removed. They are also easy to clean and don’t require any special treatment.
AMCO boat mats can be supplied with beveled edges, to prevent curling and prevent tripping. We can supply our mats cut-to-size to your boat’s deck shape requirements. This includes pre-cut holes for hatches and the like.
Another benefit of AMCO boat mats is noise dampening. Yes, dropping that tackle box or some other tools on the deck will not spook the fish away. Imagine finally sighting that school of fish you took so long to sight, only to scare them away when accidentally dropping a tool on your deck.

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