Let’s face it, not all anti-fatigue kitchen floor mats are equal. There are many types of kitchen mats, so we look at what is available for this application.

First of all, an important consideration is the presence of grease, animal or cooking fats, which can cause different problems when spilled.

Kitchen anti-fatigue mats: why not Orthomaster
For the best choice in kitchens and food preparation areas, you can’t go past our Orthomaster anti-fatigue mats.

Forget anti-fatigue mats made from natural rubber. All natural rubber mats will start to fail from day 1 if used in an environment which could be susceptible to cooking oils and fats. Continued use in this type of area will cause the mat to absorb the fats and oils and the rubber mat will buckle up on the edges thus causing a potential trip hazard.

If the anti-fatigue or anti slip mat is going to be susceptible to cooking fats and oils it best use a 100% nitrile compound or other specialist type mats especially formulated for this type of application, like Orthomaster mats.

What about holes in the mat? Previously all rubber floor matting had holes in them, mainly due to the weight of rubber and moulding holes. This kept the weight down to something more user friendly. However having holes in mats increase the wash / cleaning time at the end of the shift or on the weekend. In short, increasing the running costs on your bottom line. Washing mats without holes in them is a breeze as there are no holes which make the task difficult. What’s more such holes may potentially harbour bacteria producing odours ,as a result of not being washed properly. And, let’s not forget the added risk of the bacteria getting on with breeding in your kitchen mats.

So, the best rubber mats for cleaning are the ones without holes as this also stops any oil spill from running through onto the floor. If there is an accidental oil spill, a solid top mat can be picked up on the edges and taken to a drain to pour off.

How about oil spillage that’s left for long periods before cleaning? If the mats

Holes in kitchen mats need special consideration.
Using anti-fatigue kitchen mats with holes require special consideration as to cleaning.

get oil spilt on them during food service and no one has the time to clean them you may like to consider a mat with anti slip cleats . These will let the oil / fat  sit lower in the mat so it doesn’t get walked on by the kitchen staff. There are anti-fatigue mats with anti slip lugs on them in which the oil can sit in the lower section. Generally, these mats are a compromise between an anti slip mat and an anti-fatigue mat which could just be what suits you best.

If your looking for a good all rounder anti-slip kitchen (anti-fatigue) mat with some anti-fatigue properties then you may like to consider the following mats:

  • Workease Mat – Good anti slip mat with great anti fatigue properties available with holes
  • Safer Mat – Great anti slip mat with some anti fatigue matting properties – available with and with out holes
  • Safety Scrape mat – Ultra Slim – high performance anti slip mat with very little anti-fatigue properties
  • Multi Mat – your one stop super aggressive anti -slip mat for all wet and oily applications
Orthomaster premium anti-fatigue mat used in food preparation and kitchens.
Better known for its use in the health field, Orthomaster premium anti-fatigue mats is also used in food preparation and kitchens.

How heavy does a mat get before it becomes a lifting problem? This is a common question that’s been around for years. It’s not uncommon to hear that all mats have been banned from the kitchen due to weight factors. This is understandable, as most kitchen cleaners are women or young girls and sometimes we tend to ask too much from them.

If you have any current or old weight issues with anti fatigue kitchen mats then the solution to all your problem is by using the Orthomaster mat, This mat will solve all weight lifting issues associated with rubber floor mats, will withstand the harshest or cleaning chemicals used in kitchens, is proof to all oil and cooking fats used in industrial / commercial cooking areas. Like to trial one of the mats for free to see how it suits your workers and your kitchen, click here.