Let’s face it, we spend a great deal of time on our feet – especially if our job requires us to stand rather than sit. Those whose job requires standing for long periods of time at counters, production lines or work benches experience greater stress and fatigue. They feel a lot more tired, experience pain in the back, neck, legs and feet and many face irreversible risks to their health too.

When your job inevitably requires you to stand, you can counteract and minimize some of the health issues by using anti fatigue mats. Installing top quality anti fatigue standing mats can help combat workplace fatigue and increase productivity.

These standing mats are ergonomically engineered and medically proven to promote wellness by increasing blood circulation. These mats effectively suspend the body’s weight and reduce the impact on the legs and the back.

And, we consider that today, in some organisations, office workers are encouraged to stand to burn more calories, recent studies have shown that these are not necessarily better than sitting all day. (Here standing desk mats are the way to go.)

After all when you are in a standing position, your heart needs to work harder to circulate blood to all the parts of your body. The weight and the pressure that is placed on the joints due to this, contribute to the stress and pain. These mats provide a soft support under your feet and give you the comfort you require in order to stand for long hours.

Standing mats have health benefits for users who stand most of the day in one location.
Using a standing mat are good for the user’s health, as they help improve blood circulation, as well as remove pressure on the spine.

Here are some of the health benefits of these mats:
These mats help reduce lower back pain by relieving pressure on the spine. They are also known to reduce strain on the back muscles and give an overall relief from muscle stress.

As well, they promote good posture by stimulating subtle cyclic muscle contractions for better blood circulation.

They prevent stiffness in the joints by making minor changes to your standing position.

They are known to reduce headaches by easing tension in the shoulders and neck.

They help release tension in the muscles and hence reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

The cushioned rubber in these mats helps reduce foot pressure and hence relieves foot, ankle and leg pain in general.

This type of rubber floor matting is becoming more and more popular these days and is not limited to production lines and office environments. They are increasingly being used at home, in the kitchen and even in restaurants and bars. These mats come in various textures such as diamond plate design, pebbled and ribbed textures that offer slip-resistance. They repel liquids, oil and grease and help avoid slip and fall accidents.

Regardless of the quality of your footwear, standing for long hours is tiresome and your muscles, back and legs bear the brunt. This is exactly why many people today prefer rubber floor matting that is capable of absorbing the shock and providing a comfortable cushioning effect. It is, however, important that you choose your mat well. Select a mat that is thicker and softer so that it is comfortable and relaxing.

To sum it up…
Anti Fatigue mats are uniquely designed to reduce the impact of the body weight on other parts such as joints and muscles. They are made to encourage better posture, relieve pain, reduce stress and promote overall health and well-being.

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