Industrial environments where cutting, grinding, brazing, and welding are performed on a regular basis require floor protection from welding sparks which eat away at concrete floors and degrade the surface. Anti-Fatigue welding mats not only provide good ground coverage, but promote better health for workers as well with sore feet. These types of workplaces often require people to exert a lot of manual effort while standing for hours at a time, which leads to fatigue and exhaustion & sore feet. When this remains unaddressed, worker productivity can diminish. Thanks to modern ergonomics, anti fatigue matting is becoming more and more available and is starting to become the standard in industrial work environments. By using safety matting that is specially designed to reduce fatigue, you improve worker comfort, which in turn leads to increased and higher quality output. This translates to big dividends and improved safety and ergonomics, while maintaining lower operational costs.

Anti Fatigue Welding Mats

With the high demand for safety anti fatigue matting, numerous companies have come up with all kinds of designs and features that claim to provide the best quality. To help you choose wisely, it’s important that you understand how good quality industrial-grade safety matting can reduce fatigue and what you should look for when purchasing these mats.

Welding, brazing, cutting, and grinding floors take a lot of abuse. With the notoriously harsh environment where these tasks are carried out, it is imperative that you find a product that offers great resistance to equipment abuse such as welding sparks and scorching metal shards. A good quality welding mat resists high temperature and unavoidable material shards that fall onto the work floor.

A good safety matting also resists sharp debris that get lodged into the surface of industrial floor mats because of heavy foot traffic. This is one of the major causes of degradation and wear in welding mats.

Choose anti-fatigue matting that offers good traction and excellent comfort. A durable and comfortable standing surface is absolutely necessary in harsh working environments. Superior traction is also a major consideration especially with the amount of cleaning fluids, oils, and welding greases that these mats get exposed to.

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