Anti-slip stair nosings in a wet area
Anti-slip stair nosings, bull nosings in wet areas are critical. If the anti-slip delaminates, safety is compromised

If this has happened to your anti slip stair nosings, you know the consequences. You lose the safety features of anti-slip to start with or even worse. But, how does anti-slip come off anti slip stair nosings & bull nosings ? Here are some thoughts to consider.

This could have been inflicted with a sudden strong point of impact, causing the loss of the anti-slip.

How? Well, it could have been caused by a falling hammer, large falling steel objects such as mining wrenches, crow bars, and so on.

The cause could be the delamination of the steel foundation and resins. This is often caused by users cutting the section to size and or drilling your own holes after receiving stock. Often, the user cuts the anti slip stair nosings, bull nosings down to another size and unwittingly destroys the edge of the stair nosing by exposing the parent metal to the elements. This immediately exposes the potential for moisture to find its way between the layers of resin and the parent metal and causing rapid onset of delamination.

Really we suggest that  to avoid this is email or ring the custom size through to AMCO for us to make up the exact size you require. Remember that custom size bull nosings are our speciality and it’s where we fit in the market.

Maybe first up, the price was the only consideration when purchasing your stair nosing. It’s best to consider the savings you make when you try to save money in this way. It’s best to make sure that you purchase the anti slip stair nosings, bull nosings with holes already drilled, its worth paying for the little extra!

If you drill them later, it immediately exposes the parent metal and the resins to the elements and causes potential delamination points.

Also, if you go for a cheaper option, consider too that some manufacturers take short cuts to keep price down. Thus, what can happen is that there’s poor preparation on behalf of manufacturer. Surface preparation before adhesion of the anti-slip surface is critical. Any short cuts taken at this stage will lead to loss of adhesion of the anti slip medium to the parent bull nosings metal.

Maybe the correct option wasnt purchased initially? If you buy a light duty nosing, when you really need a heavy duty one, the nosing may not live up to the required use. Thus, failure can result.

Major areas of consideration are washdown zones in food processing areas. Beware when buying Stainless Steel 316. Its thermal expansion and contraction is 18% more than standard metal. Thus, when exposed to hot water, this will quickly expand the metal and cause delamination to occur sooner than later. Pay the extra and get the 10 year warranty on all bull nosings, especially inside food processing areas.

Ways to overcome.

Buy premium grade bull nosings, anti slip stair nosings with floating fabric foundation and a 10 year warranty. This allows thermal expansion and contraction to  take place without delaminating from the parent product. If no floating fabric foundation is used in the manufacturing process the product will delaminat in problem areas pretty quickly. Be sure to ask for 10 year warranty when sourcing.

If you have this problem, we’re only to happy to help. Contact us NOW, or call us on 1800 888 598.