If you’re currently operating in the mining industry, you’re probably well-aware of the importance of safety equipment – and especially slip prevention. Fortunately, there’s a variety of anti-slip products available, such as: anti-fatigue mats, nosings, cleats and steel stair treads. These products are all ideal for slip prevention within industrial workplaces, in particular the mining industry.

About Anti Slip Cleats

Open grid steps can often become quite a safety hazard. They’re the sort of thing which many businesses tend to over look – simply because they’re out of sight. You may have heard of the saying “out of sight, out of mind”. This couldn’t be any truer when it comes to open grid steps.

An effective solution to this problem is the application of U-TRED step definition systems. Once applied, they make steps safe, and can be secured to the edges of open grid steps within seconds. Easy application is important, and in this case you can do it yourself with simplicity and ease.

Conveniently, the U-TRED system is comprised of galvanised steel cleats which are painted in the colour yellow for increased visibility. This also means that regardless of the weather conditions, they’ll be visible to your workers. At the same time, they’re of such a high quality when compared to fibreglass stair nosings, which are commonly known to crack and eventually break.

Your business can discover the benefits in savings as well. The U-TRED is a system that provides a significant financial advantage as once they have been installed; the double-action cleats ensure you don’t need to replace the entire structure of your stairs. It’s a win-win situation.

Anti-Slip Nosings and Cappings

When it comes to heavy industrial sites, the Gripmaster products are extremely useful, especially when working with mining and mineral operations. In fact, if your business is looking to meet OH&S regulations in any of these industries, Gripmaster could be the best way to go.

Utilising Gripmaster anti-slip products enables you to not only meet regulations, but also provides a safe area for your workers for increased productivity. They consist of edge nosings used for platforms and steps – as well as cappings for ladder rungs. Best of all, they’re available in a variety of different colours, steel grades and sizes to suit just about any industry, and can be tailored to suit your business’s own specific requirements.

Both of these products are provided to businesses all over Australia by Amco. If you want to find out more about how Amco’s products are of benefit to the mining industry – whether it’s anti-slip matting or anti-fatigue products – simply give us a call on 1800 888 598.