Anyone who has worked in a production line or quality control line in the food processing industry will no doubt have come across one variety or another of sanitising boot wash mats (boot dip mats).

Only quality rubber is used in our boot dip mat.
Our sanitising Boot Wash Mat is made from premium quality rubber and holds 20 litres of anti-bacterial sanitising liquid.

Widely used throughout poultry processing facilities, in particular, these mats are used in helping reduce cross-contamination and removing pollutants from workers’ boots and footwear. Typically made from a heavy duty form of vulcanised rubber, they create a large dam that can be filled with a cleaning solution of your choice. When walked through, the many rubber fingers that cover the inside of the mat help to scrub boots clean of any contaminants.

One reason why people tend to stay away from them is that they leech black contaminants onto floors. This leeching can also be a common occurrence with these type of mats. Why does this occur? This is because cheaper brand mats are made with cheaper brand rubbers. These lower quality rubbers may appear similar to more superior quality rubbers whilst dry, but when wettened are very different from premium Sri Lankan rubber which we use for our boot wash mats.

So if you have an inferior quality rubber mat, you will notice:

  • Black marks leeching from the mat onto your floor
  • The rubber becomes very ‘squidgy’ with use
  • The dam edge slowly decays and finally splits open.

To overcome these issues, you should use sanitising mats with the premium rubber characteristics, or better still try the premium Amco PVC HACCPER  sanitising boot wash mat. Cheaper isn’t really cheap when you consider replacement costs and wasted time for regular cleaning of the black marks or cleaning up when the mat’s dam edge/s break. You also avoid disruption in production and the resulting losses.

Hence, sanitising bot wash mats made with a premium natural rubber, and with durability enhancing additives will last much longer than a cheaper budget variety and save you time and money.

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