A broken window may be the last thing on your mind, but if you have a property, look after property, have job in property management where windows break for whatever reason, you may want to read further on how to fix broken windows fast.

Australian Matting Company (AMCO) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of anti fatigue and anti slip mats and accessories. We also market ancillary products that are safety related, though these may not be related to anything laid down on a floor or stair. I refer to Maxam glass repair film.

We relate broken windows with a quick repair through boarding laid on top of the affected window. “So, why bother with another fix?” you say. Well consider the results of boarding up windows.

First, this is costly. You call a specialist, who usually comes afterhours or on a weekend, when window damage just happens to occur. And, you pay for this convenience. As well, consider what boarding does to the window frames, especially UPVC frames. Plus, this quick patch up is not always secure.

Also, you can imagine just how bad a boarded window looks like. And, if your property has many windows, e.g., schools, social housing, local government, etc., you may prefer to get the repair done in conjunction with other work, to make the call out more worthwhile, right? And, you also get this done when it suits you not the glazier!

Maxam window repair film is a better option to boarding up.
Boarding up broken windows are not only eyesores, they damage window frames and attract vandalism.

So, what happens? The boarded window stays boarded for days, weeks or even months on end. What a sight, huh? What’s more, boarded windows tend to be magnets for vandals (or more vandalism if the broken window was a result of one such event). Yes, they seem to pull them in like light to a moth. So, you put yourself in danger of vandalism, as well.

So, we offer a great alternative: Maxam175. Using this adhesive repair film is more often than not a more cost-effective alternative. Maxam films are easy to fit, with no special tools required. And, more importantly they provide protection from the elements and are an incredibly strong, secure covering for windows.

Maxam175 glass repair film is easy to apply.
Maxam175 glass repair film is easy to apply. Apply to broken window with a cloth, peel as you go.

And, applied to both sides, makes the window safe to the touch.

Plus, Maxam film is suitable for use on both internal and external windows. And, what are some of the benefits?

  • Lets in natural light
  • Ideal for use in PVC frames and double glazing
  • Highly secure
  • Almost invisible
  • Easy to apply – just cut to size, peel back the paper and smooth over with a cloth
  • Simple to replace broken windows as the glass comes out in one piece, firmly attached to the film—offering even greater safety during replacement
  • Extremely strong, one third the tensile strength of steel.

We also note that Maxam film has been rigorously tested. Maxam175 has been awarded top impact resistance standard BS12600 1B1. The versatile film can be used on a variety of types of windows; they’re a must for any broken window emergencies. So, why not keep some in stock.

See how easy it is to use.

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