It is is easy to dismiss the choice of an entrance or commercial door mats, as “hey, they’re all the same, anyway.” It important to note that Heavy Duty Commercial Door Matting, or door mats for this use are varied. On the main, these mats/matting are used for the retention of

  • Sand and Dust
  • Mud and Grime
  • Snow
  • Lawn Clippings & Leaves


commercial entrance door mats enhance the looks of a place
custom Commercial Door mats not only protect the floor and surrounding areas but can add to aesthetics of the location.

Trying to sort out which custom  commercial entrance mats best serve your facility can actually be quite a challenge. Here are a few quick ready reckoner points which will help guide you to make the most efficient use of your budget for the best outcome.  Saving on huge annual carpet cleaning and facility management costs is of special importance to large facilities managers, especially of large Property Groups.


– To avoid expensive replacement carpet costs can be done by placing well chosen entrance mats in very strategic locations. Even if some high traffic areas can be pointed out, there are huge savings to be enjoyed by only replacing loose lay entrance mats every few years instead of getting a team of professional carpet layers in to pull up worn daggy looking carpet.

– Plus, you need to look the further cost of closing areas of your property for carpet replacement and even the headache of choosing the carpet itself.

Getting back to which type of Industrial Entrance Matting is Best, we need to assess the following scenarios:

Do you have a sand problem in your facility? Are customers coming into your shop from off the beach and leaving sand all over your nice carpet and/or scratching your highly polished wooden or lino floor. The best commercial door mats for this scenario would be our Multi Guard. Multi-Guard # 220 mat. Why? It’s a super easy to clean and empty. You just pick it up, turn upside down, a quick two second shake and you get 100 % sand removal. You wont experience this easy cleaning with any type of fabric, polyethylene or nylon entrance mat!

My entrance can gets very muddy, especially when it rains. Quite a common problem especially with schools and universities. However most universities tend to be in built up areas where its only moisture or dew from off the grass that is a problem. Many public and private schools after Commercial Entrance Door matting have walkway shortcuts through lawns and across building sites which when mixed with rain can cause grief to facility and office carpets resulting in expensive carpet cleaning costs.

Multi-guard Mat Rubber Fingers
Multi-Guard mats have conical rubber fingers which help remove dirt and debris easily.

If your budget is limited, the best option would be to purchase an Entrymaster Classic mat. Bear in mind that a single mat in this instance is going to have to be emptied or shaken every few days. If your budget is more flexible,  the best workable option is to place a Multi-Guard mat outside the door and placing a heavy duty Entrymaster entrance mat inside the door. This is the optimal solution. The Multi-Guard mat fingers will get into the grooves of shoes and pull out mud and wet dirt. Now, what’s left is a wet grime film on the bottom of the shoe which can be easily wiped off with a Premium Class Entrymaster mat, either the Classic or the Premier # 295 mat for a more upmarket appeal plus a 30% heavier multi denier polypropylene yarn.

Is a UV Proof Commercial entrance mat important? Yes, absolutely. If the mat is exposed to at least 40% sun through the day then your nice coloured entrance mat will start to fade very quickly. Plus, the rubber backing will become brittle and will crack up. To avoid fading of colours and your entrance matting cracking up, always ask for a mat with good UV resistance.

Indoor uses only? If the entrance mat is going to be used indoors this will give you a greater range of mats to choose from. Why? Because across the board, it is a lot cheaper to make mats that don’t have to be UV-rated and don’t come under the banner of commercial entrance mats. This gives a greater range of colours to choose from.

In conclusion, from reading this post, it’s clear that entrance mats can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on cleaning costs yearly. As well, as you have the the opportunity to bring some smart visual herringbone effects into your office aesthetics.

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