Do you or your company use a lot of anti-fatigue mats? If so, chances are that somewhere along the line you have had the frustrating experience of your mats curling up or ‘bubbling’ along the edges. It’s more common than you may think.

Mats that curl up can usually be fixed and be good as new
Anti-fatigue mats that curl up can usually be fixed easily as you will read in this post.


Fact is, this problem, while very common is quite possibly the main reason hundreds of perfectly fine mats are being chucked out each year. Before tackling the problem of trying to fix this, let’s go back to the beginning and have a look at what causes these mats to do this (curling up on edges). The usual causes are either operator usage (misusage, really) or factory defects and, believe it or not, both can be fixed easily.

Curling from operator usage can be caused by:

  • Mats not being stored flat or not rolled correctly when in storage
  • Mats being pushed up against benches, tables, walls etc while in use.
  • Mats being subjected to oils, greases, acids or other strong liquids for prolonged periods of time—this doesn’t include mats specifically made to resist chemicals and such liquids.

Now, for the solutions. Anti-fatigue mats that curl up on the edges can normally be fixed by:

  • Rolling the mats up upside-down and storing for 48 hours or more can be very helpfull
  • Immediately taking the mat out of the area where petroleum products or other chemicals are present
  • Run a Stanley knife along a straight edge along the edge of the mat that is curling and cut 50mm off.
  • Need edges cut off and rebevelled? Didn’t buy it from Us, that’s OK, Glad to help
  • Wrapping the mat up and asking the supplier to pick up and repair
  • If you roll your mats up in a parcel. Email us the dimensions and weights we can book a pickup from Amco for you.

Note that rubber floor matting curling from factory defects is typically caused by an issue during the manufacturing process. These are often fixed easily, and most manufacturers or suppliers offer to fix this as part of their service.

Of course, you can start with a good mat, avoid curling with the above advice and get the anti-fatigue properties that will last you a long time like these testimonials from our Orthomaster® users attest to. (

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