Floor Mats – Frequently Asked Questions

We get numerous questions about our floor mat products, so to help save you time, we have provided answers for some of the most common questions we receive.


What is the best type of anti-slip matting to use in wet areas?

We have a number of products best designed to suit a variety of wet areas.


The AquaMaster is the preferred choice for swimming pools, spas, saunas and change rooms. The unique inbuilt anti-microbial additive protects against the growth of mould, mildew, fungi and odour causing germs.


Our Flexi-Rib is an excellent choice for public and private swimming pools. The anti-microbial formula prevents the spreading of fungi, tinea and other airborne pathogens. The 4-way cross section allows multi-drainage and it is embossed top surface provides slip resistance.


Is custom sizing available for your products?

Yes, we offer custom sizing on a range of our products.


All sizing available (including if custom sizing is available) can be found in the product descriptions for each of our products. Simply click on a particular product and scroll down the right hand side of the product description and you will see a section called ‘Stock Sizes’.


There is also the option in each product description to Contact Us, where we will be able to help you further and answer any questions you have about our products.


Visitors regularly track mud and muck into our office. Are there door mats that can protect against that?

Amco’s Entry Master Premium has a long life and is highly effective at stopping all forms of dirt and moisture at the door.


The Entry Master Premium door mat is manufactured with a rubber reinforced herringbone profile to prevent crushing of its unique dirt entrapment system.


Do you have mats that are best utilized for healthcare and medical businesses?

Amco have a full range of healthcare matting products with specific products conforming to a Class One Medical Award and TGA number 162210.


The Orthomaster#1 has proven to be the most popular product and is a revolutionary breakthrough in the matting industry. It has boast anti-fatigue properties and is supported with a TGA certificate and Class 1 medical award, making it an excellent choice for hospitals, medical theatres and laboratories. The Orthomaster#1 medical mat is commonly used in compounding and retail areas in Pharmacies and Chemist outlets. (Note that this type of mat is also sometimes referred to as Ortho Mat).


The Orthomaster Plus is known as one of the most comfortable, anti-fatigue mats for the medical industry. But not only is it comfortable – it’s stylish too! The Orthomaster Plus is designed to assist in the prevention of cross contamination in sensitive food and health environments.


These mats are available for a 30-day trial.


How do anti-fatigue mats work?

Standing for long periods of time on hard floor surfaces can be very uncomfortable and can cause physical fatigue. Leg muscles can become totally static and constricted as they work overtime to keep that person in an upright position.


However, if a person is allowed to stand on an anti-fatigue mat their muscles will subtly contract and expand as they adjust to the flexibility of the mat. This type of muscle movement increases blood-flow and increase the amount of oxygen reaching the heart therefore fatigue is greatly reduced.


The kitchen floors in my restaurant become slippery with cooking grease and water. What should I use?

In a place that already carries so much potential for injury, the use of an OrthoMaster Kitchen Floor Mat is a good way to cut that risk in half!


It provides texture and grip to help you and your staff keep surer footing when moving around hot pots and pans. And the soft surface of an ergonomic kitchen mat will help keep your mind off your aching joints and on your knife.


Our manufacturing plant has several long assembly line areas where people stand all day. What is a comfortable and durable anti-fatigue mat for an industrial plant?

Orthomaster mats have a distinguished closed cell formula has proven to be the preferred ergonomic mat for all industrial applications where there is any grease, oil or petroleum solvents.


Their outstanding orthopaedic properties qualify these mats for all human resource injury management compliancy. Supported with a TGA certificate endorsing it into industrial manufacturing and laboratories throughout Australia and New Zealand.


If you have any other questions about Amco’s product range, visit amco.net.au or call us today on 1800 888 598 to speak with one of our specialist consultants.