Did you know that you can add years of life to your floor coverings if you use a heavy duty entrance mat at your school?

Amco’s heavy duty entrance mats perform better, further reducing dirt, dust, grit and moisture being tracked into the school or college by foot traffic. This reduces the need and therefore the cost of cleaning and preserves the finishing of the surrounding floor surfaces.

Amco produce two varieties of heavy duty entrance mats, both are highly recommended for schools and supermarkets.

The Entrymaster Classic being UV proof has proven itself over many years as an excellent exterior polypropylene entrance mat and a must for high traffic areas with anti-static properties making it suitable for computer rooms and use around electrical equipment.

The UV properties of this mat make it ideal for both internal and external use, preventing fading of colours and cracking of the rubber backing.

The Entrymaster Premier has been manufactured using rubber-reinforced herringbone pattern to prevent crushing and features a heavy duty, multi denier polypropylene yarn system which is the heaviest fibre currently available.

Each type of heavy duty entrance mat features the ‘water dam’ edge to prevent dirt and water spilling onto your prestige carpet or tiles.

Herringbone patterned ribs give the range a classy look, with the rigid stripes ensuring a powerful scrape to effectively clean footwear.

For more information, visit Amco.net.au or call us today on 1800 888 598 to speak with one of our specialist consultants to discuss all your floor matting requirements.