Keep hotels attractive with good looking anti fatigue mats from AMCO
Hotels are attractive places, so we should also have attractive AMCO anti fatigue mats: Orthodelux

A comment made by a customer about industrial looking anti-fatigue mats in a hotel setting, got me thinking. A high-end hotel using anti fatigue mat that belongs on a factory floor just doesn’t work.

Enter our new premium range of Orthodelux® mats and there’s your answer!

Designed for use in medical and health applications—the toughest market to cater for—Orthodelux anti fatigue mats tick all boxes for any stand-up reception areas, the security person standing at the main entrance, all the areas in public view deserve to have a smart look.

These mats are also very easy to clean, a quick simple wipe from a damp cloth instantly removes any carpet dust, foot grime brought in from outside that has slipped past the heavy duty entrance mat that wasn’t at the rear door. And, that’s it. All clean and good as new again.

And, what’s more, these anti-fatigue mats are great looking. Orthodelux has a 10-year warranty on product and workmanship giving you the peace of mind that it will outlast the demanding use given to it by all users. Yes, you get a smart looking mat with a very high aesthetic appeal. These rubber floor mats come in an appealing gray color which works with most if not all color ranges.

As well, if you’re worried about edges curling up like you find on cheaper budget type kitchen anti fatigue mats, again look no further. Another important feature of Orthodelux mats is its trip-resistant nature. Supplied with a beveled edge (20 degrees), the mat has been designed to be safe to use. Note that each mat has no memory, as it will return to its flat state, even if moved up against a wall for long periods. Once, the mat is pulled off the wall, it is flat again.

Also, if you’re looking for more options to avoid flooring slips, trips and falls in a vibrant busy workplace, Orthodelux is it.

Say that you’re looking to replace those anti fatigue mats in your reception area today, what is the most important reason you would like smart looking anti-fatigue mats? You don’t really want you, customers, to see an industrial looking fatigue mat, now do you. So, why not go to the top and get the best looking mat for use in a public venue area, you can look to the Orthodelux mat as your first choice. And, let’s not forget that this comes with an exceptional 10 year warranty that others don’t dare to match.

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