A recent tv commercial advertised the idea of a silicone rubber-based insole* (see footnote) which made walking more pleasurable and less painful on the feet. But, what about something like that for people who stand all day? This idea brought to mind a couple of things. One way of reducing the effects of hard floors, e.g., concrete floors, would be using the right footware. Maybe that advertised product would do.

But, would it be enough?

Possibly not on its own. Now, using an anti-fatigue standing mat would work really well, especially if one also had shoes with some resilience. That would be a great combination.

And, let’s add moving and changing one’s position while working, with the possible use of chair, and we have a great trifecta.

Standing on hard floors for a long time without anti-fatigue mats cause several short and long term problems. These include: impaired blood circulation, swelling veins (e.g., varicose veins), loss of concentration and fatigue and muscular pains (from the feet upto and including the back). It is also not uncommon to cause arthritis and reduced spine elasticity.

Hard floors not only affect the feet, but also the knees and hips, as well as the back. When one stands on a hard floor for a long time, the body works to keep itself stable. Hence the strain caused on these three areas.

Now, if we introduce a quality anti-fatigue mat, like Orthomaster®, we do a few things. We reduce stress on the feet, especially tender feet. With softer support at the base (the feet), the body is not as stressed, removing pressure on the knees, hips and the back.

We can safely say that our Orthomaster mats have been proven to promote user health, with improved circulation and reduced body stress. These mats, also lovingly referred to as “Ortho mats” by some of our customers, not only encourage better posture, muscle conditioning/relaxation, as well provide improved overall health and well being. The effect of suspending the body on the mat is similar to the tv advertisement on silicone-based insoles reducing strain by suspending the foot over the mat. (Please note that we don’t make out that this is the claim of the tv advertisement.)

Let’s consider another mat in that range. Our Orthomaster® TGA-accredited anti-fatigue mats medical stress mats for instance, possess outstanding Orthopaedic properties. These properties allow these mats to qualify for all Human Resource Injury Management Compliancy requirements for anti fatigue matting in all perioperative and operating surgical rooms commonly referred to as anti-fatigue mats for surgery.

We will have more thoughts on these benefits in a future post. Plus, a new Orthomaster mat range is coming soon. Watch this space.


There is a term that refers to the aches and pains of long term standing as Cumulative Standing Trauma (CST) – excessive stress on the spine and back muscles due to stagnant body positions or poor distribution of body weight which may cause pain and injury. Standing for long periods of time on hard floor surfaces results in leg muscles to become static and constricted. Those muscles in turn have to work harder to keep you in that position. Blood flow is greatly reduced, causing pain and discomfort. Our newly released Orthodelux® Healthcare mats subtly contract and expand, taking weight from your foot’s pressure points, and evenly distributing that pressure. The muscle movement increases blood flow and the amount of O2 reaching the heart, greatly reducing mental and physical fatigue.


*We must let you know that we have a range of silicone rubber in-soles, which we think are even better than the advertised product mentioned above. We wil have more to say about the range in a later post. But, in the meantime, you can check out our Medistep® anti-fatigue in-soles.