When it comes to keeping your computer safe from (ESD) an anti-static ortho mat is essential! This especially relates to organisations that rely heavily on their computers or are known to remove the casings of these computers regularly to update the hardware within.

It’s at this stage, when the casing is off, that computer is at its most vulnerable. This is when it is extremely sensitive to the static electricity stored within the human body and even if just a small amount of the hard drive is exposed, irreparable damage can be done.

And because we cannot feel the excess build up of electricity in our bodies, it’s very hard to know that a simple touch is doing the computer harm.


How does the ant-static mat work?

The process that produces static electricity is called triboelctrification and our human touch is one of the biggest culprits for its occurrence with our computers. To combat this, its essential that precautions are made to ground the static electricity before any of the internal computer components are exposed. This is where the anti-static mat comes into play.

The anti-static mat contains a conducive material that collects static electricity. The mat is then plugged into a grounded electrical outlet to ground or ‘earth’ the mat.

So the anti-static mat allows ESD to flow across its but at a much slower rate. This slower neutralisation of ESD prevents damage to microcircuit devices that cannot accept a sudden surge of static charge from the device to the grounded mat. To put in simpler terms, the Anti-static mat turns static electricity into an electric circuit, which can then be carried away safely.


What are the benefits of an anti-static mat?

One of the most severe sources of static electricity is a person sitting in a ‘standard’ mat chair. When sitting in the chair we act as a capacitor and store excess electrons in our body. This is until we touch a grounded object eg: our computer keyboard or mouse. As time goes on, this weakens the system and leads to ‘hypersensitivity’.

Benefits of the anti-static ortho mat include:

  • Static build up prevention
  • Hypersensitivity build up risk alleviation
  • Can be customer fit
  • Easy to clean.

Also be aware that the mat lowers static charge produced by us walking, thus giving some relief to tired feet and legs at the same time. A much more relaxed workplace.

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