In order to preserve your workspace, you must maintain your anti-fatigue mat through regular cleaning and care. Without a well maintained anti-fatigue floor mat, it’s positive effects on your workspace will cease!

You should be regularly sweeping and dry-mopping your anti-anti-fatigue mat to deal with exposure to small amounts of dirt and debris that occur on a daily basis.

But if you need to clean your anti-fatigue mat more thoroughly, here are the steps you should follow.


  1. For a thorough clean of your anti-fatigue ortho mat, begin by using a mild soap or detergent with a wet mop. The best cleaning results are achieved by using a detergent with a pH of 4.0 – 9.0 such as mild dish soap, Ivory soap or baking soda.
  1. Once step one has been done, make sure you let the mat completely dry before using it. This will help to avoid any foreign matter getting on to the anti-fatigue mat, affecting its performance.
  1. It is also strongly advised that you clean the area surrounding the mat for maximum safety and effectiveness.


Using other cleaning methods and products may do more harm than good so we urge our customers to not do the following.


  1. Do not use steam, degreasers, or caustic chemicals to clean your anti-fatigue mat.
  1. Do no machine wash your anti-fatigue mat under any circumstances
  1. Do not scrub the mat with a heavy brush or other abrasive told.


You should clean your anti-fatigue mat as much as possible, however please take into account the environment that you’re in to guide this. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Is there a lot of foot traffic?
  • What sort of elements is my mat exposed to?
  • Do I primarily work in a more dry or wet environment?


From here you’ll be able to get a real gauge on how often you should clean your mat.

A beaten down and covered in ‘dirt and grime’ anti-fatigue mat wears down much faster than one that is cleaned and cared for habitually. Mistreatments and neglect of your anti-fatigue mat will only contribute to its demise, especially if you want to get the most out it.

Additionally, not looking after your anti-fatigue mat can turn it into a tripping or slipping hazard.

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