If you aren’t doing a manual job it’s highly likely you are sat at a desk day in, day out. This sedentary lifestyle is bad for your health; however, there are little changes you can make to bring energy to your day. Here are some tips on how to survive sitting in an office all day.


Get out at lunchtime

Pack your runners and go for a walk around the block. The fresh air and exercise will have a positive effect on your attitude and help you avoid the afternoon slump. Pack a sandwich to eat under a tree or walk to an eatery. The most important thing is to get away from your desk during your break.


Take small breaks away from your desk

Get up and walk to the photocopier or water fountain. If you need to speak to someone from upstairs try and walk there instead of using the phone or email. It’s important to take these small breaks from your desk to help you work more effectively. Ideally get up and move every 20 minutes.


Personalise your workspace

Set up your chair, desk and monitor at the right height for you. It’s amazing how much of a difference this can make to your body. Having it set up incorrectly can lead to all sorts of aches and pains requiring physiotherapy and chiropractic care.


Stretch it out

Before or after work either stretch it out at home or get involved in a yoga or Pilates class. This will help your body cope with sitting in an office all day. It will also help your mind and make you more productive.


Modern alternatives

You no longer have to be sitting at a desk in the traditional sense. There are now sit-to-stand desks which, as the name suggests, allows you to either sit or stand at your desk. You could also try a fit ball instead of your standard office chair to engage your core, protecting your back and improving your posture whilst sat at your desk.


There are many ways to make sitting in an office all day bearable. Make simple changes to your day to avoid postural problems and aches and pains.


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