At AMCO, we supply industrial rubber orthopedic floor matting and industrial anti fatigue floor mats to industries operating in Australia and New Zealand. Our customers include reputed brands like BHP, Coca-Cola, GlaxoSmithKline, Nestle, Parmalat and Rio Tinto – as well as by a host small to medium sized enterprises. These companies favour our industrial anti fatigue floor mats for their superior fatigue relieving value. They are all designed to reduce tiredness to the feet, knees, legs, and back. As workers stand, they help ease leg, foot, and lower back fatigue and pain.

With many years of exprience in the industry we posses an in-depth understanding of the market enabling us to recommend to our customers the ideal rubber matting solution for their specific needs. Our mats make for a more comfortable worker and a more productive one. Thus, we can allow with fewer injuries and increased productivity.

Our industrial anti-fatigue floor mats stand for safety. Our variety allows you to choose the one for your best comfort.

Our popular Orthmaster anti fatigue floor mat in front of a CNC machine.

Orthomaster® #1 – Rubber Workbench Matting

This rubber workbench matting model is currently a hot favourite in industry, which has caught on to its Ergonomic Comfort and Unsurpassed anti-fatigue properties. Standing workstations are no longer an area of discomfort and pain. 

With a unique closed-cell formula it has proven to be the preferred ergonomic ortho mat for all industrial applications where there are any grease, oil or petroleum solvents. It has special orthopedic properties which make it compliant with all Human Resource Injury Management practices.

Diamond Master # 416 – One of the Best Anti-Fatigue Mats

Does your standing work involve a lot of 180 degree twisting? If so, then this is the ideal anti-fatigue mat for you as plain rubber mats do strain the ankles when involved in this type of process. This mat features a wear resistant PVC top, with a super resilient sponge base.

Ergo Comfort anti fatigue mat comes can be cut to the desired lenght to suit the work place.
Ergo Comfort #520Y Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mat

The Ergo Comfort anti-fatigue mat is the anti fatigue floor mat of choice for many manufacturing plants on a budget. A relatively low-cost option, it has a specific set of features that help reduce fatigue easily. It is ideal for a first time mat user, or for experienced ones.  Made of solid style rubber, it has the New Sweep Easy design which makes it easy to clean. It is designed to have a flexible domed surface which provides support and cushioning for medium to long periods. This mat is made of Latex from Sri Lanka which is a premium quality rubber that reduces the need for replacement and so saves you money.

PVC Mats – Strong Grip #194 & Grippa Mat #195

These are Hard wearing PVC Mats/matting used as Heavy Duty Swarf Matting, for exterior and interior walkways and industrial workshops with Yellow OHS Edging. It comes with an excellent UV rating for use on exposed walkways, and applicaitons like on boat decks and even mining platforms. 

Amco is a leading Matting Specialist

We are a leading Matting Specialist with Impressive New Generation Orthopedic Anti Fatigue floor mats, steel stair treads, steel stair nosings & U-Tred’s for all workplace environments throughout Australia and New Zealand. We are focused on environments with benchmark standards from the TGA and other associated GMP, & Strict Hygiene levels. We also export to other countries.

Our team of professional consultants has extensive knowledge in all industrial environments to improve your company’s production and performance and help retain & attract key employees in your workforce through comfortable anti fatigue mats.

For more information or to discuss your specific needs, contact us now.