Use of non slip mats in Australia and New Zealand covers different industries, where non slip protection is required in a work space. What we should be aware of the use of the terms “non slip mats” and “anti slip mats” applied to a floor whether in a work space, in a hospital or restaurant or wherever can be a bit misleading. Why? No matter what one does to treat or cover a floor where fluids, ranging from water to thicker more viscous ones like grease or oil, there will always be some risk of a slip or a fall.

Sorry, folks, there can never be a surface where non slip or anti slip means NO SLIP. There’s no such thing as a fail safe solution for this. Again, why? Because even if a floor is made really rough and holds strong grit to give users enough grip while walking on it, a fall can still happen. If the floor remains excessively wet, or some person’s boot is so full of grease, a fall is still possible.

The best methods of increasing the slip resistance of floors cover a floor treatment intended to provide slip resistance. This covers things like acid etching, grit blasting, grinding, surface coatings with the inclusion of sand or other grit aggregate, placing grooves, scabbling and so on.

Anti slip tape is a good way to introduce added safety in a work space.
The use of anti slip tape is a quick way of introducing added safety in a work space. Note the use of the tape over a tiled area.

All this methods are pretty involved, on the main expensive and require the closing down of the workspace where the anti slip treatment will take place. One simpler way to provide non slip properties without going into a big production number is to install anti slip tape. This treatment is also referred to as abrasive tape.

Easy to install, this treatment is quick and will require little downtime. The other side of the coin is that this treatment will need replacement in the future and is not as long lasting as the earlier described treatments. But, the cost of this treatment is a lot less than the installation of a floor treatment involving say epoxy and grit. And, this doesn’t require a long downtime for installation. It is somthing that can be done in a matter of a few hours, compared to days, even weeks for say epoxy flooring.

There is another advantage here for areas where pedestrians are required to be made aware of the danger in the area. These tapes are available in a range of colours including luminous strips. Our anti slip tapes are available in Plain Black, Black & Yellow Chevron, as well as Luminous.

In tiled areas, which is common in health care and restaurant industries, the use of ebrasive tape is a good alternative. Why? Consider that the treatments suggested for tiles involves acid etching. This treatment is dependent on the chemical resistance of the surface along with the porosity of the tiles, the strength of the acid, the length of time that the acid is applied and how many applications are applied.

Other floor treatments for tiled areas include: coatings such as paint or epoxy with grit embedded (as mentioned earlier) and shot or grit blasting of surfaces to achieve a rough surface, also mentioned above.

Further, it’s good to note that after installation of these floor treatments, there will be ongoing maintenance and cleaning procedures that may be required to maintain the slip resistance of the surface. So, it is not a matter of set and forget. Again, these maintenance costs have to be considered in the overall cost of treating such floors where non slip mats are a cheaper option to eliminate danger zones.

And, finally, it’s also good to consider that application of non slip floor treatments on existing floors, where grease, fat, oil and some chemicals have been used on the floor, require extensive pre-treatment before a floor coating with abrasive grit is laid down. Poor surface preparation will mean the possibility of failure of the floor or some part of the floor is always a possibility.

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