People often ask us for our thoughts on whether we recommend mats going into a food processing facility. We do, we highly recommend it, and not simply because we make mats. (Although, of course, there is a little bit of that as well.)

People often hesitate at the cleaning requirements and the risk of contamination, but we firmly believe the real benefits far, far outweigh the possible risk.

Imagine if you walked from Melbourne to Sydney, and cars weren’t around. But someone offered to give you a contraption that could propel you at speeds in excess of 100km/h, making your journey much quicker and easier. The downside? It had a huge tank of explosive and highly flammable liquid attached, which if ever this exploded would roast you alive and ultimate kill you…

The mat used here in a food processing plant over some nine years at Simplot.
Workease anti fatigue mats shown above are used in a food manufacturing plant owned by Simplot. The mats have for some nine years in double-shift and aggressive environments. Some Simplot brands include Birds Eye, John West, Leggo’s, Edgell, Lean Cuisine, Seakist, Harvest, Chiko, I & J, Ally, etc.

No doubt you’d think twice about it. But that is what a car is, yet we drive them daily and are wise enough to manage the risk. 

It’s the same with mats. Yes, they do look like a harbourage point for bacteria and yes, they do require cleaning, but the same as anything, risk can be minimised and managed to ensure it never becomes an issue. Here are some ways:

Anti-microbial formula blended through the mat ensures it won’t harbour bacteria and pathogens

Non-absorbent, ensures fluid can’t build up in the mat.

No holes ensures quick cleaning time and less holes for food particles to get caught in. 

If the mats are kept clean, they will not harbour bacteria. It might seem an unnecessary expense, to provide mats and clean them but there are some key benefits to doing so. Consider some of them

If a fatigued operator makes a slight mistake (easy to do when you’re thinking about your sore feet) the recall cost on a single product can be immense

Showing your team that you care and providing a great working environment is great for the culture of your operation

Eliminating the possibility of slip injury and the potential for a workplace or compensation claim can save you substantial funds

If you have any questions, or misgivings on this subject, please feel free to contact us. Also, if want to discuss mats in general or just how you use mats in your facility?