Anti-fatigue mats for the avid angler now available, ask for AMCO boat mats.
AMCO marine boat mats make fishing more fun for the avid angler, while supporting his/her back and helping remove strain from his/her legs.

For an avid angler, there’s no greater joy than casting a line and waiting to reel in the big one. And doing this from a boat, where you can move to where the fish are biting makes this past time even better. Now, standing for long periods on a boat deck can be difficult on even the toughest of anglers. The strain on the legs and on the lower back can be too much to take. Stress on the spine and back muscles are bad enough, but long periods of standing can also reduce blood flow and cause other ailments.

The use of an anti-fatigue mat can do away with all these problems. Our new AMCO Boat Mat is now available with all the benefits of our range of anti-fatigue mats, while providing the specific needs of the user.

You might say, What about using carpet instead?  First of all, carpet doesn’t give the support that an anti-fatigue mat can give. It may give the deck under foot a gentler feel to the feet, but that’s about it. Besides boat carpet often causes grief when you are in the middle of a school of fish and your favourite lure or hook gets caught up in the carpet fibres. Talk about annoying, imagine this happening when you sense the big one swimming past your boat.

AMCO boat mats are the go for use on boat decks. These marine mats make standing more comfortable for the angler, by reducing back, neck, leg and foot fatigue associated with long-term standing. Of course, using shoes with support and sitting down will help reduce the effect of long-term standing.

Our boat mats have been designed for this duty. Made of 16mm quality rubber compound, the mats have awesome compression stats and a good memory—returning to original shape after weight is removed. They are also easy to clean and don’t require any special treatment.

AMCO boat mats can be supplied with beveled edges, to prevent curling and prevent tripping. We can supply our mats cut-to-size to your boat’s deck shape requirements. This includes pre-cut holes for hatches and the like.

Another benefit of AMCO boat mats is noise dampening. Yes, dropping that tackle box or some other tools on the deck will not spook the fish away. This is great insurance against losing the fish (or school of fish) that you took so long to sight, only to scare them away when accidentally dropping a tool on your deck. Like to discover how easy it is to order?

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Long hours of standing while casting take their toll. Use AMCO boat mats to reduce the strain.
Anti-fatigue mats from AMCO fill many uses. Our boat mats are great for use on boat decks to reduce the strain of long hours of standing.