In this post we take another look at non slip mats & anti slip mats. Which mat is best suited for a certain work space or application?

This post follows on last month’s article on the placement of non-slip mats around a healthcare or aged care facility. We have received a number of emails asking about similar guidance for  food processing plants, as well as in restaurants and hospitality industries, so, we have set out the different areas involved, with our recommendation on the best choice of non slip/anti slip mat for the particular work space/application.


Oil/Greasy Floor Excess WaterWater/Oil/Product
Dry Powder/ProductSlippery BarSlippery Kitchen Lino/Tiles
Change of DirectionBoning Room/Slaughter FloorWeird Area (not on this list)
Multi Mat is a good example of non slip or anti slip mat. Note te double-sided feature of this mat.

Oily/Greasy floor

Obviously ,any slip prevention method used in this type of area has to be both oil/grease proof as well as proof against any petroleum based products used to clean the area. How much liquid is in the area dictates whether solid mats or ones with holes are used. Depending on circumstances, our suggestions for this type of area are:

  • Safety Scrape Mat –  Grease proof options available, slim profile and great for where doors open over the top of the area
  • Safer Mat – Grease proof. Solid, tough and durable mat, options  with holes for available for very wet areas
  • FRP Grating –  When budgets and engineering options, this is a great permanent option.
  • Multi Mat – Double sided, very durable, grease resistant and very aggressive anti slip properties with added benefit of being double sided
  • Workease anti fatigue mat – Comfy mat, good for anti-fatigue but also grease resistant and good for slip resistance.

Excess Water

As the name implies, this anti slip mat has strong grip. This non slip mat is ideal for external areas where UV breaks down more conventional mats.

Any trade wastes areas or dips in concrete that stay puddled after cleaning can be quickly fixed with a suitable anti-slip mat. Options include nearly anything but popular choices are:

  • Multi Mat – Versatile and double sided, great for lif extension.
  • Engineers Mat – High profile to lift employee shoes out of the water.
  • Strong Grip  Durable PVC mat for external areas where UV breaks down other mats.


If this will have to cleaned regularly, a lightweight mat is key. Being oil resistant is obviously important. Great options are the Workease Mat  Safety Scrape Mat  and Safer MatAll 3 are relatively lightweight options that can come in a nitrile formula. If product tends to clog up in holes, the Safety Scrape mat is a better option as it has no holes to make cleaning with a hose or mop difficult.

Dry powders

Slippery floors due to dry powders are extremely tricky to sort out. Nothing is ever the same and it depends on what is being produced and what the floor base is. Corn flour and flour have different mats that work better at reducing slippery floors with each one. Yeast is different again.

Talk to Amco about this situation/application! If you want, you can contact us now.

Slippery bar

Beery bars subject to a few too many merry sloshes are best fixed with an Industrial Mat. A good budget option and with large drainage holes , this mat is well suited to the job and makes this mat a proven performer for this area. Easily customisable, simply send us your sizes!

Beer has a tendency to cause rubber to curl up on the edges and get very sticky, however the long, stepped taper of the industrial mats reduces the potential for curling.

Slippery Kitchen Lino/Tiles

Kitchen floors are the ultimate testing ground for non slip mats. The high intensity use, combined with trolleys being wheeled over them make rips, tears and wear a very prominent issue. Due to this, a kitchen requires something tough, yet not so rough that trolleys will wobble or clunk when pushed over them. Grease-resistance for the slippery spot around the deep fryer or oven is also handy. For your kitchen, consider:

  • Safety Scrape Mat – Thin profile, easy trolley access and movement. Also available in a grease proof option.
  • Workease Mat  More for where there is only foot traffic and no trolleys. This is a long lasting performer and is also very highly comfortable made from premium rubber formula. The raised profile provides anti-slip in even the really wet areas.

Change of direction

Any mat that is used where there is a change of direction of foot traffic needs to have anti-slip lugs in both directions, and not just one. Cleats running only one way will cause potential slip in the parallel direction. Best options are the following:

Boning Room/Slaughter Floor

Typically, this is a workspace with plenty of animal fat/lard and with plenty of fluid around. Mats used in this area should be easy to clean and be fat/oil/grease resistant. A solid mat is a must, so the only real option for this area is:

It’s solid form, tough ,grease-proof nitrile compound and dual direction lugs make cleaning easy, traction firm and provide a premium longevity.

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