Installing a floor mat is without doubt one of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce your annual carpet cleaning costs and protect floor coverings.

If you were asked the question “what is the best way to maintain your carpeted floors in a clean and healthy state?” it is likely that you believe that regular vacuuming and periodic cleaning is the key. But you may be surprised to know that the use of floor mats in key locations throughout your commercial premises is the key to maintaining your carpeted and hard floors.

And whilst regular servicing is very important but something as simple as placing a suitable, quality floor mat at the front entrance, will significantly reduce the amount of dirt being carried into your business. To give you some idea how effective well positioned entrance floor mats can be, here are some facts to support this facilities management strategy.

Studies indicate that where no floor mats are installed at the front entrance of a busy office building or store, on average, around 10 kg of dirt can be deposited on hard and carpeted floors for every 1000 persons entering the building. An effective matting strategy can save a building owner or facilities manager on cleaning costs for each well-placed and suitable heavy duty entrance floor mats.

However, just throwing a few mats around the place doesn’t constitute an effective matting strategy. The type of mat and its placement is the key to stop dirt entering the premises.

Amco have three styles of entrance mats to consider. The first is the Durated Grande which is a contemporary individual aluminium entrance mat that gives a classy, architectural feel to your entrance.

The second mat is the Entrymaster Premier. It has a long life and is highly effective at stopping all kinds of dirt and moisture at the door. It features a 36 ounce heavy duty, multi denier polypropylene yarn system. The Entrymaster Premier is manufactured with a rubber-reinforced herringbone profile to prevent crushing of the unique dirt entrapment system, even in the highest of traffic areas.

Lastly, in the line of entrance mats, Amco offer the Entrymaster Classic. This entrance mat has proven itself time and time again as an excellent performing polypropylene entrance mat. It boasts a rubber-reinforced profile to prevent rushing in the highest traffic areas. The Entrymaster Classic also features the same “water dam” edge as the Entrymaster Premier, which retains dirt and water from spilling onto your carpet and/or tiled areas.

Amco understands that every facility is different and the variables that include, the amount of traffic entering the building and the type of soiling and contaminants to be removed, need to be taken into consideration, when developing an effective matting strategy.

Amco can assist clients to make the correct decision when setting up a mat system to capture the majority of soil, particles and moisture before it gets into the facility.

Placing mats won’t remove the need to regularly vacuum and periodically clean carpets but it will significantly reduce the amount of time and costs associated with these services.

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