In a previous post, we put up some suggestions as to the best custom commercial entry door mats for your needs. In this post, we give you some clues as to the best size commercial entrance mats and help clear up any confusion.

From Corporate entrances which deserve Duratred Premium Entrance Mats and Premium Entrymaster Premier mats to Commercial Door Mats for Schools and Tafe’s, the choices and requirements vary. Little kids have a high potential to walk indoors with mud, wet grass & lawn clippings. They tend to run inside without wiping their feet, leaving a disgusting trail of mess behind—to be further spread around by the next person who walks in the door.

Poly Rib Commercial Door Mat
Our Polyrib Commercial Entry Door Mat features flexible vinyl backing and is made of tough polypropylene for very long service life.

This is why we hear the comment time and time again when we service schools and shops, “They are only little kids so only need little mats”. While this may sound logical, the optimum requirement is actually the reverse. Kids don’t stop to think that they should wipe their feet at the doorway, they run straight on inside taking a whole host of unwanteds with them including the below which are the most common, depending on the environment.

  •       wet grass clippings
  •       beach sand and dust
  •       snow
  •       red mud and clay

For the younger generation, you require commercial door mats that will help them set at least one step of each foot onto the entrance mat. Thus, if the mat is too short for them to get both feet on the mat in their walk, then you are throwing good money away by getting a small mat.

So, why not do it right first time!  Measure the length you require and find the closest standard size commercial entrance mats to suit. It’s always best to get that extra value and pay that little bit extra and collect the other 50% of the mud and lawn clippings that walks straight over the top of the mat into the facility.

The moral here is that not only that kids don’t stop to wipe their feet, but also the scuffle at the door will often cause small size commercial entrance mats to move around. And, consequently this will end up not in the correct place. Yes, it’s the headache of every school teacher and facility manager. I imagine that it is very frustrating and even unsettling for the teacher to continually harp on about wiping your feet on a commercial door mat. Especially when for the sake of a few extra dollars (by purchasing a larger mat) you can avoid the teachers’ frustrations.

Entrymaster Classic Commercial Door mats handle high traffic areas easily
The AMCO Entrymaster Classic Commercial Entry door mat features a rubber-reinforced profile to prevent crushing in the very high traffic areas

Now, if the mat is sliding about, its best try the commercial Entrymaster Matting range as these mats have anti-slip gripers underneath which aid in restraining the mat from moving about. Entrymaster Door Mats have proven themselves year in and year out for Heavy Duty entrance mat use. You might well ask how do you really know that. We have the data and we note that 80% of clients that have purchased Entrymaster commercial Door mats have returned within five years to purchase more for extra areas

Now, corollary to the above information on young kids, we note that the older the people entering a building, the higher the potential they will stop and wipe their feet clean on Commercial Door Mats. Sometimes in large corporate buildings, you will have very nice polished floors to protect. Not so much any mud but just the nice film of black grime from off the street to contend with.

This wet street grime makes pale colour carpets very dirty very quickly giving an instant grubby look to the corporate office. If its not a terribly high traffic area then there are other options for loose lay entrance mats such as custom length and widths to cover the desired area.

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