Amco’s anti-fatigue standing desk mats are the ideal solution for transitioning to a standing desk and they integrate into your workstations seamlessly.
A quality standing desk mat is made from either gel or foam.

Some anti-fatigue standing desk mats are also laminated with alternating layers of gel and foam, and some of these come with an external covering to prevent the gel from oozing out.

Amco have pioneered the innovation of producing a rubberised gel foam, impregnated with additional antimicrobial agents which provides the perfect balance between support and cushioning.

A quality anti-fatigue standing desk mat should offer enough support to take the pressure off the ball of the feet and toes, as well as evenly distributing weight across the bottom of your feet.

The Vmat is a premium anti-fatigue standing desk mat which greatly improves circulation. It has been proven that the long-term consequences of standing on hard surfaces include impaired blood circulation, swelling in the veins resulting in loss of concentration, the rapid onset of arthritis and damaged muscle function from the lower back to the feet.

Thickness of the mat also plays an important role ensuring comfortability and productivity. If your mat is too thin, you are left unsupported and if your mat is too thick, the mat itself becomes unstable.

Amco have established that the ideal thickness for anti-fatigue standing desk mats are between 14 and 20mm thick, with mats that excel being 17mm thick.

Our common sized standing desk mats are 500 x 800mm in size, with rounded edges to prevent curling up and therefore prevent any trip hazards.

If you are looking for a more premium grade standing mat (used in hospital operating rooms or mechanical workshops) Amco have an alternative choice; this being the Orthomaster Wonder Mat which can be cut down from standard sizing (600 x 900mm) to suit your preferred requirements.

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