High traffic areas will be well served by this entry mat.
Our custom commercial entry mats come in many styles and grades—from medium to heavy duty. The Entrymaster Classic 200 has a rubber-reinforced profile to prevent crushing in the highest traffic areas.

AMCO (Australian Matting Company) offers you a range of custom commercial door mats to help you make that style statement, so important in the current competitive environment where a good opinion (impression) really counts. We have office mats and heavy duty entry mats you can use to capture sand and dust, mud and grimy snow, lawn clippings and leaves. Once you make your purchase of a commercial entry mat, it is important to care for your mat which by virtue of its character is your office’s main line of defense against the debris that might come from wet boots and shoes and other objects.

General tips on caring for your doormat

Shake it

On a weekly basis at the minimum, you can thoroughly shake your doormat while your office entrance is being swept to remove the dust and dirt that might otherwise enter your home.  You can also smack the mat against an outside exterior such as the sidewalk. Then go ahead and vacuum the doormat to ensure that all the dirt goes out. Regularly doing this at least once a week will keep your doormat away from stains and dirt.

This Commercial door mat is manufactured with a rubber-reinforced herringbone profile to help prevent crushing of its unique dirt entrapment system, even in the highest traffic areas.
The Entry Master Premier custom commercial entry mat features a 36 ounce heavy duty, multi denier polypropylene yarn system- the heaviest fibre available. Note the herringbone profile.

Vacuum it

Shaking will not release deeply embedded dirt so vacuuming the doormat becomes important then. Vacuuming will allow you to inspect your doormat and make sure it’s in good condition.  In case you find an abnormal odor emanating from your doormat, baking soda can be used. The baking soda must sit for ten minutes before using a scrub brush to rub the baking soda in. Let the mat sit for five minutes before it can be vacuumed again.

Let the seasons’ dictate

Every manufacturer has cleaning instructions. Follow these which could be a rinse off with a garden hose or a scrub with a tiny bit of mild dish soap. This can be done seasonally to keep your doormat ready to brace the next seasonal change.

To complement custom commercial entry mats, we also market other mats for internal use. This includes an impressive new generation orthopedic anti-fatigue mats in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and New Zealand for all workplace environments. 

When you buy an entrance mat from us, ensure you maintain it well. Clean mats are more effective. They trap more dirt and debris, so clean them as often as possible. You will be rewarded with a cleaner interior.

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