When it comes to the safety of your Amco anti fatigue matting in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne work area, it is up to you to ensure that you are supplying the right tools and materials. One of the things that can help to ensure the safety of employees and visitors, no matter where they are, is an Amco safety mat. Depending on the type of workplace you have, whether it be a retail storefront or industrial factory, there is a perfect type of Amco comfort mat for your needs. By learning about the different types of safety mats in WA, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, you will be able to choose the perfect comfort mat for your needs.


Drain Through Amco Safety Mats are Perfect for Wet or Icy Conditions

When you have areas that get wet due to water, you are creating the perfect conditions for danger. Falls can happen very easily in these areas, especially if there is a chance that oil or other similar substances can get in the area as well. Drain through anti fatigue safety mats are designed with large holes that allow water to flow through. Typically they are made of non-slip rubber and are an excellent choice for icy areas as well. When utilised in industrial areas, cold rooms, pubs or restaurants, these are ideal when it comes to safety.

Amco Anti-Slip Safety Mats Have a Variety of Uses

Choosing to install anti-slip safety mats in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane workplaces is imperative to keeping employees and visitors safe. There are different types of workplace comfort anti-slip mats available depending on the needs of your place of employment. For example, there are anti-slip safety mats that specifically made to work against vegetable and animal fats that can get on the floor in restaurants. There are also anti-slip mats and comfort mats that are made to resist oil and grease that are found in industrial settings. You should know, no matter what type of industry you work in, there will be an Amco safety mat to combat the danger of slipping and anti fatigue matting issues.

Electrical Safety (ESD MATS) Mats are Imperative for Certain Industries

If you have employees or visitors to your workplace that work around high-voltage electricity, electrical panels or fuse boxes, it is imperative that you have electrical safety mats installed. These mats will help to not only give the user a lot of comfort, they will also help to keep the user from conducting any electricity. By using these ESD static safety mats, the user will remain grounded which means there is no risk of deadly electrical shock.

These are only a few of the comfort safety mats in WA, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney for the workplace. In order to ensure the safety of your employees, as well as for your visitors, it is recommended that you install safety mats throughout the workplace in areas that are considered high risk. By making the investment in rubber safety comfort mats, you will not only be protecting your employees, you will also be protecting your company as you will be taking the steps necessary to comply with Australian law. Find a company today that offers these mats and many more and know that you are taking responsibility and keeping your employees safe with Amco.