First impressions matter a lot. If it is the entrance of your office, it matters even more because that’s where your potential business clients, partners, and of course employees walk in. This is exactly why investing in the right office mat/s matters. 

Commercial entry mats give your office the look of class which helps create a positive, lasting impression. Also, attractive mats can make your employees feel good about the place they work in. Entering a shabby looking, untidy place every day would be very demoralising for employees. A shoddy entrance can also make your business clients feel apprehensive about your products and services, especially when your entrance fails to create that striking first impression.

Create Great First Impressions with Attractive Office Entrance Mats
Office entry mats create a good impression to your customers and staff

Here are a few things an attractive office entrance mat could do to create a great first impression:

Make your entrance look neat, clean and attractive

Selecting the right office entrance mats helps make it look neat. Clean entrances create a good first impression. Not only do your employees feel good about the place they work in, but it also creates a great impression on your visitors. Even if you select a plain mat without any fancy designs, it makes your entrance look professional. A shabby entrance does not look very welcoming for your guests.

Adds to your brand image

Your entrance mats add to your brand image. It provides an elegant vibe and helps to uplift your  brand image. If the entrance itself is not impressive, your potential clients will have second thoughts about your business and the way you work.

Bad entrance could equate to bad business

Let’s face it – a bad first impression could cost you in terms of lost business too. The quality of the product used for the mat is also a factor that influences people’s judgements. An unkempt entrance will leave customers uneasy about your quality of work and products or services, leaving them sceptical about doing business with you.

Also influences your staff 

Coming to work in a building or office that is not well maintained can be de-motivating. A professional looking mat will help transform your office decor and add more appeal to the overall look of your office. It definitely improves the overall morale of the employees.

How to select an attractive office mat for your office?

Use an entrance mat that is not too decorative or too fancy.

Your entrance mat should serve the purpose of keeping the entrance tidy. If the mat gathers a lot of dirt every day, the dirt will follow into the office too. So make sure that you select a mat that is easy to clean and easy to wash if necessary.

Entrance mats come in various types and styles. You can either use a plain mat that gives a professional look or a printed one if you wish to pep up the entrance.

You can also use a mat with your business logo printed on it, to add to your brand image.

All things said, if you have to create a great first impression, make sure that your entrance and the mat that goes with it looks perfect!

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