Injury sustained from falling from heights remains one of the biggest causes of on-site injury worldwide. While preventative measures such as guiderails, scaffolding, and harnesses help prevent injuries occurring they do not eliminate the risk completely. Understanding the risks involved in using stairways on site AMCO have perfected slip prevention products with the UTRED range of Anti-Slip steel Stair Nosing products.

As industry-leaders in providing clients with new-generation floor matting and anti-slip stair nosing solutions, AMCO are dedicated to minimising risks found in workplace environments.

Specifically designed and manufactured to withstand heavy wear and tear UTRED Anti Slip Stair Nosing products increase the safety of walkways and stairwells as soon as they are installed. Not just limited to dry conditions the UTRED or commonly written U Tread increases grip and stability in wet and muddy weather to provide a stable working environment. The UTRED / U Tread adds no time to your maintenance schedule either as stairs with the product installed can be easily cleaned.

Designed to withstand heavy use the U-TRED Anti Slip Stair Nosing product range uses an innovative 4 self-locking barb system, complimented by double-action anti-slip cleats, to ensure maximum grip with rubberised boot soles. To ensure maximum visibility in the workplace the U-TRED is manufactured in Safety Yellow to meet Australian Industry Standards.

Constructed from galvanised steel to protect against corrosion and extend product life the U-TRED can seamlessly be integrated into existing open-type grid steps and structures.

Requiring no nuts, bolts or fasteners to be secured onto the steps the U-TRED can be installed in seconds and is suited to fit 20 x 5 and 32 x 5mm step edges while the product’s slim and study low profile prevents it from becoming a trip hazard. By eliminating additional installation requirements AMCO have ensured that companies do not need to spend thousands of dollars in installation costs, increasing site effectiveness.

If you are looking for an anti-slip product or a non slip stair tread that can be installed with minimum effort and greatly increases the safety of your workplace the AMCO U-TRED Anti-Slip Stair nosing is the product you are looking for.

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UPDATE – New Series now available with 50 mm and 100 mm centres to fit the latest mineral industry standard gridmesh patterns of 50 mm and 100 mm centres. You can also get more information by clicking here.