Strictly speaking this mat is not new. We’ve been marketing the Décor Plush  floor protector mat for sometime now. But, this is the first time we’ve added this mat into our website. So, here it is folks, for your information.

The versatile Decor Plush 512 office mat
The versatile Decor Plush 512 can be used in th office, as shown in the insert of this photo.

We say that this mat is versatile, because not only can this be used as an entrance mat but also can be used as a great alternative to vinyl office chair mats.

As an entrance mat, Décor Plush pulls any debris and shoe grime off your feet, before walking onto nice clean carpet. The mat converts very easily and has been a very popular alternative to the Vinyl office chair mats.

Decor Plush can be used as an entrance mat.
As an entrance mat, Decor Plus 512 pulls any debris and shoe grime off your feet before walking on nice clean carpet.

Note that with the pile being very slim (only about 2 -3 mm) the mat is the next best option for use as a mat to roll office chair wheels on. The Décor Plush 512 mat helps reduce any unwanted noise in the office environment associated with the wheels of office chairs wheeling back and forward and ruining the smart wooden finish below.

We have already sold these many times as an option to the standard PVC chair mat, so we know there’s good market acceptance.

The pile of Décor Plush is a slip-resistant vinyl. Thus, the mat will not just slide on smooth floors. And, for concrete floors, tiled floors, terrazzo and so on, the mat is ideal.

The poly fibres are stain resistant and easy to clean.

Décor Plush 512 comes in many sizes and is also available in a number of runner lengths, to suit most requirements.

Finally they come in a wide range of colours.

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