As you have gone through life, you have probably noticed that many of the stairs you encounter, especially in commercial areas or in industrial ones, have some type of steel stairnosing or treads. Though they may seem insignificant or even decorative, there is actually a great purpose for these devices. All of the stair capping in Australia that you see is actually there to help to keep people safe as they walk up and down stairs. In fact, in commercial and industrial settings, unless there is carpeting, and even sometimes regardless of carpeting, it is difficult to find a staircase that doesn’t have stair nosing.



What Type of Metal Step Nosing is Available in WA, Melbourne & Brisbane?

Depending on the type of situation, i.e. retail, commercial, industrial, there are different options when it comes to stair nosing. The typical metal step nosing that is used in an industrial setting, for example, is typically metal and is almost always bright yellow, which is the universal colour for safety. With this type of steel stairnosing, not only will the strong metal give people added grip as they walk up and down the stairs, the bright colour will alert them to watch their step. Some of the Amco metal step nosing types conveniently clip right onto metal stairs, so installation is also extremely easy.

Benefits of Installing Metal Step Treads and Steel Stairnosing

When it comes to the benefits of installing metal step treads and Amco Gripmaster stairnosing, you are sure to be pleasantly surprised. Of course safety is a wonderful benefit, but there are other benefits to installing these as well. For example, when you install metal step treads, you can totally revolutionise the way you run your maintenance programme. Another benefit of installing metal step treads is that you will find that your stairs will last longer. These metal stairnosings will reinforce the existing steps you have and renovate them in a matter of minutes. With snap on metal step treads, you will also save thousands of dollars when it comes to installation and you will find that they work great on all types of open grid steps. If you work in mining, agriculture, construction or manufacturing, you will find great advantages when you install this type of tread on your steps.

Other Types of Amco Safety Steps

In addition to the metal nosing, there are other types of safety steps available as well. For example, if you are interested in getting new plates on your existing stair structure, these plates can be ready made with grips. Another option you have when looking for safety steps are Amco anti slip gripping. This anti slip gripping can not only be applied to your stairs, it can also go on ladders and platforms as well. Typically it is made of high quality silica carbide which means it is some of the toughest made material in the world. Finally, if you work in an industry where electricity is an issue, you can choose plastic stair grating in order to be safe. Obviously metal steps should not be in an area of high electrical activity so plastic steps, often reinforced with fibreglass, can easily do the trick.

These are just a few of the many options available to help make your work steps and stairs safer. For more information, contact a local supplier, today.