The Australian Matting Company (Amco) continually strives to implement unmatched innovations that ultimately deliver new service-driven product solutions that are effective and efficient.

As an industry-leading supplier of impressive new generation anti-fatigue mats for all workplace and industrial environments, Amco recently announced their friendly and mutual acquisition of Floor Matting Repairs.

Utilising the strengths of Amco, customers can now benefit from a full-range of matting repair services, products and solutions to help them maintain a good looking floor mat.

On 28 July, 2015, Australian Floor Matting Repairs & Sales announced their acquisition of machinery by Amco – which signalled the beginning of a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Prior to the acquisition, Australian Floor Matting Repairs & Sales was a reputable company that repaired launderable door mats and static rubber mats which were used in the hire industry. They serviced an extensive customer base since coming into the market in 2002, with offices in several locations; including Melbourne, Sydney Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

Floor Matting Repairs is now part of the Amco team which will strive to continue providing floor matting services – including repairs – to the whole of Australia. Although they were competitors before the acquisition, both are now joined as a team to provide an immediate solution to their customer’s needs.

CEO of Amco, Will Small, is excited about the amalgamation of repair service between both companies and is looking forward to seeing continuous growth. Thanks to the combination of product portfolios – in addition to the technical skills that both teams possess and bring to the table – the future looks bright and customers will observe an increase in quality service and innovative product supply.

This acquisition will see a powerful combination of two companies coming together to transform the floor matting industry. However, the real value of an anti-fatigue mat may become more apparent when analysing the replacement cycle over a period of time.

Amco’s anti-fatigue mats are engineered to the highest standards, to ensure TGA benchmarks, other GMP and strict hygiene standards are met and exceeded.

Amco now repairs holes and tears, including torn edges and centre rips, using a process that is perfected by melting a special chemist formula of uncured rubber together under extremely high temperatures and pressure.

Our service provides the opportunity for customers to maximize their investment in the mat purchases they have made, by utilizing our full repair and anti-fatigue mat customisation service.

For more information, visit or call us today on 1800 888 598 to speak with one of our specialist consultants to discuss all your floor matting requirements.