This was put to us recently. Will shoes damage my standing desk mat?

Legit question: and the real answer is – it depends. While sneakers, boots and other flat-based shoes are fine to be worn on anti-fatigue mats, shoes such as stilettos or dress shoes are not always a good choice.

So: High heels are a definite no-no. Putting all the pressure of body weight onto such a small point will over time punch holes and indents into your mat. Men’s dress shoes can be worn on mats, however constant twisting and turning on the mat will scratch and tear at the mat – damaging the look and functionality of the mat. They also make it much harder to clean, if you have a ‘wipe-clean’ style of mat.

To sum up: use shoes on your standing desk mats if need be – however barefoot or with socks is our preference…

Stiletto heels are tough on standing mats, a no-no.
Some shoes can damage standing mats and the worsse offenders are stiletto heels.