Mat Trolleys

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Mat Trolleys are an esential cog in your cleaning program, in order to ensure that the mats retain their lay-flat composure and allow premium foot support Amco offers two mats, the Deluxe and the Premium The Deluxe Mats dry hanging straight up and down while drying ensuring lay-flat profile Resolves manual handling issues associated with stress on back and legs with easy push design Stainless steel construction Wheels can be locked for easy steering Holds 12 … Continued

Orthomaster® #1 Kitchen Floor Mats

Kitchen Floor Mats

Amco provides the very best in anti-fatigue commercial kitchen floor mats. Presenting the Orthomaster, the innovative matting solution that offers the best in both anti-fatigue and anti-slip properties. Exceptional breakthrough in Ergonomic Comfort combined with Unsurpassed Anti-fatigue Properties, currently used in all Industries. These ergonomic commercial kitchen mats are suitable for a wide range of applications, including serveries, food processing, restaurants, laboratories, operating theatres and workshops. The Orthomaster® anti-fatigue kitchen floor mats (sometimes referred to … Continued

Orthomaster® Plus

anti fatigue safety mat

The most Comfortable Anti-fatigue kitchen floor mat in the Industry just got better. Coloured edges on Orthomaster orthopedic Mats define Ownership in Designated areas and help prevent Cross Contamination in sensitive Food & Health environments. Sizes customised and tailored to your Industry requirements. Amco manufactures the very best in anti-fatigue kitchen floor mats. Exceptional breakthrough in Ergonomic anti-fatigue Comfort combined with Unsurpassed high resistance to all alkali and acid based cleaning chemicals, currently used in … Continued