Tile Top

Tile Top Mats

Attractive marble top rubber surface, easily cleaned, often used in pharmacy, compounding & retail counters. Also available in blue/white colour marble option.

Kneeling Mat / Prayer Mat

anti fatigue kitchen floor mats Brisbane

Ever knelt down to work on machinery or service a workshop machine and ended up with a tek screw or small bolt poking up in between your knee cap and socket. Oh for that kneeling mat. its painful to say the least. Go the extra and use a industrial grade kneeling mat and make life comfortable for everyone.  Orthomaster® Kneeling mats reduce knee trauma and lower back stress for Tradesman’s & Technicians. Now available  with … Continued

Multi Mat – Excellent Anti Slip Mat


Reversible Anti slip mat for Food Production & Industrial areas with aggressive multi-directional cleats. The Multi Mat – safety mat is your one-stop-shop for a slim profile and a sure-fire way to cut slippage. Built exclusively for anti-slip purposes, it’s not called the Multi Mat for nothing. The pictures below show you the multitude of rubber cleats that the mat is named after, which give you the best anti slip mat in your industry. It’s … Continued

Ute Mat


Purpose Built rubber Ute Matting with large drainage holes and raised Anti-Slip Cleats to provide essential Air Flow. Commonly used in high traffic wet areas such as school shower rooms. Very comfortable in bare feet, has excellent drainage and lends its self to greater ranges of use than the traditional Ute mat. Cut to size options available for smaller sized shower mats. Also available in High Temperature and excellent UV resistant formulas.