Anti fatigue mats – Code of Practice

Fatigue is an acute, ongoing state of tiredness that leads to mental or physical exhaustion and prevents people from functioning within normal boundaries … it is a physical condition that can occur when a person’s physical or mental limits are reached Read more

Safe Work Australia – Study on work–related injury and disease

This PDF from Safe Work Australia talks about the impact of occupational injury, disease and death and focuses on taking preventive measures against work-related incidents A study has estimated that 75% of the total cost of work–related injury and disease was due to y indirect costs such as lost productivity, loss of income and quality of life while only 25% was due to the work-related injury or disease itself. Read more

Safety measures for working while standing up.

This article talks about how working in a standing position for long periods of time can cause health hazards. It gives advice and tips on maintaining better postures inorder to avoid various health hazards over a period of time. It also touches on the areas of a better workstation design, job design and floor/standing surfaces to be enhanced with floor mats, anti fatigue mats etc. for better health. Read more

Risk and Prevention of Falls in the Work Place

This PDF guide raises important questions concerning problems associated with work place injuries. It provides a strategic template that allows you to know what to do should anything preventable occur. Starting with defining the problem, it then goes on to ask you what the solutions can be, and how further prevention methods can be utilised in the future. Read more

How to Fix Hazards in Your Work Place

From floors and ground surfaces – to steps, stairs and ladders; this resource provides information about how to fix particular areas of potential hazard. This is the ultimate guide to study if you find yourself faced with numerous hazards but are unsure how to fix them. For example, ramps can be installed in place of stairs to minimise the potential of injury. Read more

Best Practices for Slip Prevention at Work

This guide shows you an example of how an organisation – in this case Swinburne University – can go about putting safe work practices into full effect. It focuses on tripping and slipping, and informs both staff and students how they can avoid any accidents or injuries should they occur. The guide provides great detail in the area of slip prevention, and informs you of some of the most common types injuries caused by slipping. … Continued

Checklist for the Prevention of Falls, Trips and Slips

Use this comprehensive checklist to help determine the likelihood of falls, trips or slips at your workplace. It examines each area from common hazards and ramps, to walkways and stairs. Published by Work Safe Victoria, you can print out this checklist and put control of workplace safety into your hands. Read more

How to Prevent Fatigue in the Workplace

It’s quite clear that when an employee is feeling fatigued, they are more likely to incur injury over someone who is not. Added to this, fatigue can also affect their productivity and the quality of their work. This guide shows you what contributes to fatigue – such as mental and physical stress – and how it can be best avoided in the workplace. Read more

You Can Work Standing Up

This article makes note of the fact that standing up is just as natural as sitting down to work. The only problem, however, is that standing for long periods of time can cause pain and soreness in the feet and legs. More importantly, there’s no ideal position for working – even sitting down at the computer desk can produce pain the neck and shoulders. Read more

The Benefits of Anti-Fatigue Matting

Anti-fatigue matting has a range of advantages, and this article demonstrates how anti-fatigue matting is of benefit to the workplace. It can prevent slipping, absorb impact and even reduce fatigue in your legs. Anti-fatigue matting is usually made from wood, PVC tubing, rubber, carpet, vinyl or polypropylene – just to name a few. Read more