Like to have your door mats repaired? Amco repair torn edges, interior centre rips and tears on launderable floor mats. We do not patch. Our repair process is done by bringing uncured rubber together in purpose built machinery under extremely high temperatures and pressure. Discover good guaranteed workmanship of a superior quality. We can also install customer corporate labels on request.

Would you like some of your larger mats cut down into smaller sizes and re edged?

Does your launderable floor mat have ripples along the side edge? Like to have them repaired? see pictures below of before and after. Amco can save you up to 70% costs associated with new replacement floor mats.

Like to take advantage our great NQX freight rates. Pallet rates as of February 2016 – 160cm long x 100cm wide x 120cm high (holding approximately 150 of 1500 x 900mm launderable mats). Max 600KG.

Sydney $145.00 – $1.93 per mat  – NQX             Wollongong $166.25 – $2.21 per mat – NQX

Newcastle $192.00 – $2.56 per mat  – NQX        Melbourne $226.25 – $3.01 per mat  – NQX


G’day Will,

Very happy mate. The service was great with a quick turnaround time.

It’s saved our old mats, they were only 4 years old but the edges were wrinkling and catching on the draft stopper on the bottom of our door. With the new edges they are sitting on the ground nicely and we are very happy!


Andrew Korsch – 5th August 2016

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matting repairs

floor-mat-repairs-before floor-mat-repairs-after

NQX – Max pallet weight of 600KG. All freight rates plus gst and fuel surcharge of 10.09%, reviewed monthly.

Please email Amco with the weight and cubic sizes of the mats in a roll.