Hello Kerry
We have six mats in our CSSD and they are an absolute god-send to have.  We stand for very long periods at the sink and having those mats makes a big difference to our legs, knees and backs.
Thank you

-C.L. CSSD Manager, Peel Health Campus

Hi Will,
Day Surgery unit have purchase 2 special size Mats for the ENDO wash room. All Staff are very happy with the mats the feed back when back to 2 other departments which I needed to get new quote for them.
The areas are CCL which is a procedure room where Doctors stand for hours performing the cases and this area will be putting 3 new mats in place. One mat has been delivered and has been used for the past week
The mats are also very easy to keep clean. My Department look after those services to ensure that the mats are cleaned on a weekly basis and as required.
The other areas that have purchased new mats are the operation theatre Procedure area where staff stand for a long time cleaning instruments.
Please note that these mats are the ideal mats for these areas and look forward the purchasing more in the future.
I am very happy to put my name if anyone request feed back.
Thank you. Have a nice day.

-A.C. Housekeeping Manager, St George Private Hospital

The mats are superb, all the staff are impressed with the quality and comfort.
Australian Red Cross Blood Service

- S. J. Adelaide, SA

Hi Kerry,
Brilliant, amazing attention to detail, I am impressed.
Staff have been most happy with the mats in CVIS (Cath Lab) and I’m sure Gastro staff will be  the same.
Thank you for your excellent assistance.
Much appreciated

- R. P, Snr WHS Consultant - NALHN, Workforce Health Directorate, Lyell McEwin Hospital

I have been using the Orthomaster Anti-Fatigue Mats for all the operating theatres that I work at for the last 12 months. Since Using the Orthomaster Anti-Fatigue Mats it has made standing for long periods much more comfortable allowing me to concentrate on the operations rather than positioning my feet. I would thoroughly recommend the use of the Orthomaster Anti-Fatigue Mats for all involved in theatres and working environments where standing for extended periods can become troublesome.

- Dr A.G., MBBS (Hons) FRACS, Specialty Orthopaedics

“Thank you for making it possible for us to purchase the Orthomaster mat. Staff that have used it are very pleased with it. The nursing staff doing long surgical procedures have used it and have noticed that their legs do not get so tired. We have a staff member in CSSD with a back problem and she noticed the benefits immediately. It has been easy to clean and not unduly heavy to move around. Once again thank you.”

- R.G. Acting Theatre Manager, Gisborne Hospital New Zealand.

“We have just trialled the Orthomaster at our facility and have received great feedback from the staff who have been using it.”

- C.M. A/Business Manager, Queensland Health.

“My staff are very happy with the comfort they feel from the Orthomaster matting.I have had no complaints from the cleaning staff who clean them and I have had staff from outside our department comment on the great “feel” when they walk on the mats. So, it’s a thumbs-up from us here at Maitland.”

- M.S. The Maitland Hospital CSSD.

“The service was friendly and the goods exceeded our expectations. We trialed two versions of your mats and proceeded to purchase two of the Orthomaster mats. The staff are very pleased with the new mats and they have made our workplace a lot safer. I would be more than happy to deal with the company in the future.”

- A.M. Nursing Unit Manager / Registered Nurse, Renal Treatment Centre, The Children's Hospital

“All the staff here at Boorowa love the new matting, everyone comments on the comfort of the mats. They are great for our aching Feet and legs. They reduce the shock and strain on our feet and legs. All the staff here at Boorowa are happy to recommend The Orthomaster mats.”

- T. M. Supervisor, Health Support Services.

“The mats are wonderful, there is a big difference on the knees when using the mats.”

- S. G. Client Support Services Supervisor, Southern Flinders Health

“I love my Orthomaster mats and the theatre staff keep coming into CSSD just to stand on my mats.”

- Nola

“Thank you very much for the Orthomaster mat. My staff think it is great. “

- Deputy Manager, TSSU, Royal Perth Hospital

“Thanks, we have been using the new Orthomaster mats for a couple of weeks now, and all of the staff love them. They really do make a difference when you are standing on your feet all day in the one spot. The staff were very enthusiastic to receive something new to the department, and was something to benefit them also. I have not spoken with the cleaners regarding cleaning, but I am sure that they are also happy as I have not heard any grumbles, which normally come first!”

- M. T. Calvary Health

“Since we purchased the Orthomaster®#1 mat we have noticed the comfortable benefits and difference the mat has made to our working day. We have various duties that require standing for numerous hours and the mat has helped with less leg and back discomfort. The attributes to staff moral have been beneficial due to the comfort of the mat. There has been less complaints, in fact no complaints since the purchase of the mats. All staff have Acknowledged the benefits and have commented on the comfort of the mat. They have all noticed the beneficial difference compared to the old mats, which we didn’t realized how bad they were in comparison! When it comes to cleaning we just mop over the top daily and this works very well. The mats aren’t too heavy to move when it comes to washing the floor.I would highly recommend these mats to any business.”

- J. M. Diet Supervisor, Children Hospital Westmead