Dozer track concrete floor protection mats.  These Dozer track workshop floor protection mats are made from proven tried and tested polyurethane. The floor protection mats are dovetailed both ends to help in quick fast install and repack. These heavy duty dozer track floor protection mats replace the old practice of using conveyor belts on the shop floor. Shifting heavy conveyor belting around the workshop is a back breaking exercise and has caused grief in many workshops to date. Our dozer track floor protection mats  provide a needed shield against the potential damage caused by heavy dozers & excavators driving onto the concrete floors, while entering & exiting workshops. 12 Mats are our recommendation for a D11 Dozer. However if they are bringing into a workshop 2 kits is less manual handling due machine movement.

Sizes of each Polyurethane mat is  1000mm x 800 x 18 @ 18 Kgs each

A stainless steel trolley is available to help store and manage these floor protection mats in an industrial workshop. Each trolley conveniently holds 12 mats per trolley.


  • Help protect concrete workshop floors from grouser plates impact damage
  • Very light weight compared to moving older type conveyor belt options
  • Made in Safety Yellow to warn workers of different height transition when used in workshop.


  • Made from durable polyurethane
  • Very simple design
  • Easy to store and manage