Sweepex Grain Brooms

Get more from your forklift, by using this for industrial sweeping applications. For instance, our Sweepex Brooms can be used to sweep grains, coal and other materials in large bunkers or inside shipping terminals. They can also be used to sweep wet slurry material (wet fertilizer) as the above video shows, just click to view.

Sweepex Brooms are ideal for heavy industrial sweeping applications that are not in the scope of regular mechanical sweeper machines.

You can easily attach Sweepex Grain Brooms to a forklift, loader or telehandler and you are ready to sweep in a matter of seconds.

The key to this product is simplicity. Bristles are easily replaced and the brooms also supress dust build up. The closely spaced bristles trap fine particles and prevent them from becoming airborne. Note that the more bristles there are, the better the dust retention. 

With no moving parts, high efficiency and minimal dust generation, they are very economical to own.

These Sweepex Grain brooms have been designed for use on many work environments, including the cold and wet, to the very hot and sticky. Ideal for Australian conditions.


  • Attached to most equipment in 45 seconds
  • Replacement Bristles changed out in 15 minutes
  • Range of sizes to suit all mobile machinery 


  • Very low dust  created– reduced respiratory problems from grain dust
  • No Bearings, chains or hydraulics to maintain – reduced downtime with maintenance
  • Reduced machinery investment – One Sweepex Broom fits all equipment
  • Sweepex Broom can be shipped from site to site in utes or trailers
  • Massive labour cost avoidance proof associated with Sweepex broom.


Most Common Size Sweepex Grain brooms used are

  • 2440mm wide with 11 rows of replacement bristles ( MBK960)
  • 1800mm wide with 11 rows of replacement bristles (MBK720)

Contact us for more info on special projects and replacement slide out bristles.

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