Anti Slip Floor Matting Products for Australia & New Zealand


The Australian Matting Company (Amco) is an Australia and New Zealand leading supplier of anti slip mats and kitchen floor mats.

Whether you’re considering anti fatigue kitchen floor mats for a commercial or residential kitchen, our range ensures maximum orthopedic safety and comfort. Amco’s range of rubber floor matting will provide solution for any if not all areas in light to heavy industry.

Our anti slip mats are engineered to the highest standards to ensure TGA benchmarks, other GMP, and strict hygiene standards are met and exceeded.

And because Amco’s team of consultants have unrivalled industry knowledge, you can be confident knowing you’re getting the ideal kitchen floor mats that suit your exact needs.

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  • Electrical

    Mandatory Standards are required when working with Sensitive Electronic equipment and High Voltage Switchboards.

  • Food Production & Hospitality

    Amco’s selected range of kitchen floor mats throughout Australia and New Zealand for all Food Manufacturing, Restaurants & Catering Facilities. Including the popular Colour Coded Orthomaster® anti fatigue kitchen mat to reduce Cross Contamination in all sensitive areas

  • Healthcare & Medical Matting

    Amco has a full Healthcare Matting range with Specific Products conforming to a Class One Medical award and TGA number. Used in Theatres and Laboratories throughout Australia & New Zealand where Orthopedic matting is required. Leading international research in Denmark (Centre for sensory-motor interaction at Aalborg University) has provided evidence of discomfort, stress and repetitive strain while standing on hard surfaces without the use anti-fatigue and or medical mats. Short term consequences without standing on anti-fatigue medical mats on hard surfaces are 1. Impaired blood circulation. 2.Swelling in the veins. 3. Loss of 100% concentration. 4. muscular pains Long term Consequences are as proven. 1. Chronic loss of blood circulation causing rapid onset of Arthritis. 2. varicose veins. 3. Damaged muscle functions from feet to lower back 4. reduced spine elasticity. Lab, Pharmacy and Medical Mats are recommended to solve the problems associated with all the above.

  • Industrial

    Industrial Rubber Floor Mats in Australia & New Zealand

    The Australian Matting Company (Amco) is an industry-leading supplier of industrial rubber orthopeadic floor matting in Australia and New Zealand, commonly known as ortho mats. While primarily intended to alleviate fatigue on feet, knees, legs and backs, our selection of rubber matting products offers a diverse range of flooring applications. Our products are trusted by household names like BHP, Coca Cola, GlaxoSmithKline, Nestle, Parmalat and Rio Tinto – as well as by countless smaller enterprises. And Amco’s unequalled market knowledge means we can recommend the ideal rubber matting solution for you. Call us today on 1800 888 598

  • Matting Accessories

    Range of Anti-slip and Adhesive Tapes for keeping Entrance Mats from shifting in high traffic areas. Plus Medistep™ anti-fatigue insoles, super soft and provide more shock absorbing properties than any other anti-fatigue insoles without a prescription.

  • Office & Commercial Door Mats

    Commercial Door Mats &  Commercial Entrance mats add years of life to your floor coverings. Apart from the obvious benefits such as drying your wet shoes and minimising slip injury, Commercial door mats can remove 95% of particles that will cause premature wear to your floor covering, increase cleaning costs and bring on early costly replacement of floor coverings.. Compare it to walking around with pieces of sand paper stuck to the soles of your shoes. Although mostly invisible to the eye whilst standing, these particles will tear away at any floor. This makes Commercial door mats an investment by extending the life and appearance of your floor. Use your door mats to make a statement – Amco also offer a full range of heavy duty Coir Commercial entrance mats and personalised logo mats. Preferred Vendor for NSW Schools, Tafes & Corporate Services Preferred Vendor for  QLD State Schools Preferred Vendor for SA Dept Education  Schools

  • Orthomaster® Anti Fatigue Matting

    Orthomaster® Anti Fatigue Mats

    Amco’s Advanced Orthomaster® Formula makes this Anti-Fatigue mat the Number #1 choice for all Industry Sectors be it from industrial warehouse to  commercial kitchen floor mats. We have a large range of anti fatigue kitchen mats available right here. Feel free to browse below to see some of the best  anti fatigue kitchen ortho mats in Australia. The Orthomaster range of mats display very impressive characteristics for all commercial kitchen floor mats

  • Sports & Shower Room

    Portable range of Tennis Court / Gym Mats, including personal and public Shower Room Matting.