While we may think of anti-fatigue mats mostly in a work-related environment, it is not difficult to place these in other environments including recreation. After all, long periods of standing on a hard surface do cause stress on the human body. That’s the legs, the spine (upper and lower back) affecting proper circulation.

Any avid angler will tell you that when the hope of catching the big one in front of mind, standing for hours on end with a fishing pole is not a problem. But it does take its toll, and when the thrill of the catch has passed, the deleterious effect on the body of that long stretch of standing can be felt.
AMCO boat mats are the answer! Designed for use on boat decks, these mats take the stress off those hours of standing. Made of 16mm quality rubber compound, the mats have great compression stats and a great memory—returning to original shape after the weight is removed. Being super easy to clean over carpet style mats the Amco boat mat requires no special treatment.

Unlike boat carpet, the AMCO Marine Boat Mats will do a lot more. The user gets no support from the carpet. They may get a nicer feel afoot, but that’s it. Plus, think of the other features: dropping tools (pliers, lures etc) on the deck will not spook the fish away. Our boat mat will dampen all noise associated with a busy fishing/casting  deck, including that of trampling feet.

Smooth and very Easy to clean. Gutting fish on your carpet, right? What a mess! Remember that our boat mats just require some water for a quick wash. (And, there’s a lot of that around when fishing). And if you get the munchies while fishing, the crumbs you drop on the carpet are hard to clean, unless you have a vacuum cleaner handy
Oh, and there’s always the smell on carpet (yes, if you clean your catch on it), which can stick like the proverbial.  Imagine getting your hook or lure caught in carpet fibre, with the Amco mat the hooks slide free with a simple pull. If you’re barefoot, bearing in mind carpet burn can hurt your soles and heels. No more sore foot problems at the end of the day after hours on the reel. (We’ve just added a guide to help you measure your boat for the correct size mat, please see below.)

Other Features, Include

  • Can be cut to size to fit deck shape
  • Holes can be pre-cut for hatches, mooring or other requirements
  • Can be supplied with beveled edges (to prevent curling and tripping)
  • More ergonomic and therapeutic than carpet
  • also available in pre-cut sizes

Benefits over Carpet Style marine mats

  • Hooks dont get caught in any carpet fibres – often happens in desperate moments
  • Cleaning fish scales and left over food from mat is very easy
  • Absorbs heaps more noise than marine carpets – Avoid Spooking the Big One
  • Unbelievably more comfortable in bare feet
  • No more sore knees when kneeling on the hard deck
  • Antimicrobial formula added to prevent mildew, mould and bacteria setting in in damp areas

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To help you measure your boat for your mat requirements, here’s a guide: How to Measure up my boat